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Thomas A. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Good value if used correctly.

Gary D. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

I love the value of the Japan Rail Pass and have already recommended it to friends who will be visiting Japan soon. However, I was curious why it's a physical piece of paper to be validated by station agents, rather a contactless smart card (like ***) that can just be tapped on the way in and out.

Ronald S. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

4th time I used the Rail Pass and had the same great experience!

Kathleen K. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

We absolutely got more than our money's worth!! We received the passes in time for our trip and used them traveling from Tokyo to Hokkaido, several trips on Hokkaido, then to Sendai and on down to Osaka. Thanks!

Lillian G. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

, In spite of having the information of free wifi in several places, I rented the pocket wifi via Japan Rail Pass by Japan Experience, I did not have the slightest problem, it worked perfectly in all the places that I was, I received in the hotel in Osaka and I returned by mail in Tokyo. Thank you

Randall W. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Great service

Elsa B. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Worth the money

YIN C. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Convenient and efficient!

Yuko K. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Absolutely amazing experience! The JR pass made it possible for me to go so many places and explore Japan so easy!

Thomas V. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Rock on!

KEN S. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5


Jun O. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

What a relief I found that some residents could use JR pass, though it was announced that those with Japanese passport would not be eligible for the pass!

Tommy W. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Very satisfied. Fast shipping.

Tejaswi N. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5


Rumen K. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

More information about JR bus lines in the cities.

elizabeth S. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

The JR Rail Pass was quick and convenient but not sure it was great value due to our itinerary. We still needed to suppliment our travel with other train services

DENIS F. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was a perfect purchase to use the best rail infrastructure system I have ever experienced. The staff were very polite, the trains were spotless and ran on time to the last second. \nWhen we inevitably return to Japan, we will once again be using the JR pass. Thank you

VALERIE R. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Excellent pass, best one we've had, very easy to obtain and use. Saved a lot of effort trying to sort out tickets for each journey. Loved your railways, efficient, clean, quiet, fast. Far superior to English and other railways. You must be proud of your railways and beautiful country.

Sidney L. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Pass came in a timely manner. I was worried it would arrive late. Price was excellent, lower than most places. Everything worked out great in Japan.

Alan S. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Very good value for the amount of travel.

Diana M. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Very easy to buy and incredibly fast delivery. To exchange the regional ticket was not as straight forward in Kyoto station (because the shop we would use was closed and we had to walk to a different one), but other than that, ti was really easy!

Nick D. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Great value, convenient to use.

CHIN WA C. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

The staff is very helpful.

Joseph O. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

It would be beneficial if individuals could make train reservations online.

Andrei P. - Jun 24 2017 - 4/5

The primary downside was picking up the rail side at the station.

Manuel L. - Jun 24 2017 - 5/5

Japan is amazing, it was so create to see almost everything we want to see. The only problem we saw with the pass for 7 days is that it takes 6 hours or more to go Hiroshima from Tokyo (too many stops and change in Osaka). we lost 1 day just to travel.

Ryan D. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

There were times we noticed the slower trains didn't come as often and the fast trains weren't full. It would be good if the Japan rail didn't have Nozomi or other restrictions. \n\nOtherwise LOVED the rail pass and how easy it was to use, and book tickets.

GREGOR S. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

By using the ticket, I was very pleased. All the time of my stay in Japan was good to me. Sincerely, ***

Anne Grethe P. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

Works very god but it took to long time to get the pass. To long many people.

Linh N. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It was easy to order the voucher online. The trains were easy to take.

Robin D. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

Easy to use

Brandon N. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

The hours of availability to activate the JRPass might be the only negative point. Only one time did we get on the incorrect train and went out about 1 hour in the wrong direction. \nOther then that the pass was easy to use and most larger stations had clear maps and directions to get us where we nee

Gregory S. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5


Jarrett B. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

The pass came very quickly. The instructions were clear and very helpful. Overall a great experience. If we ever visit Japan again, I will definitely go through you!

Patricia D. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It was great service.

Jeffery T. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

Travelling made easy

Rachael D. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

Once you had the travel pass, using the train network was easy. The trains were on time and the signage was clear.

HAJI MOHD KHAIRUL AZRI H. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

Quick service.

Edward K. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

efficient service

douglas B. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

excellent service!

Janis M. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

The rail pass was very convenient and saved us money and time because we could use it one the shinkansen as well as other trains on Jr tracks. The only issue was the long lineups to validate the pass. We didn't want to wait for hours and waste our vacation time. Tokyo station was the place to do it.

Sean H. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

The rail pass is a great value. I use it every time I travel to Japan. Very clean trains, prompt service, and a comfortable ride.

Ryan D. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It was really easy to use the pass on a day to day basis, and all ticket agents were very helpful when we tried to get reservation tickets. Everything seemed very well designed and easy to use, plus all the trains were on time, clean, and very efficient!

Carlo R. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It was very easy to handle the Japan Rail Pass and I was helped a lot at the train station where I picked it up!

Anne D. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

Convenient since I did not have to keep buying tickets but the line at Narita was way too long.

Midori A. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

Very convenient. Trains are comfortable. Would be perfect if first class tickets like the ones we had did not exclude the Nozomi.

Aida A. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

My 1st experience was absolutely beyond satisfaction. I received my JR voucher within 1 week. But 2nd experience was less satisfying as delivery was almost 1 month; getting me worried as it was nearer to my departure date. I mite hvto go japan again & also would like to recommend to frens but ....?

Patricia C. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It is a quick, comfortable and inexpensive way to travel. I would recommend it to any tourist in Japan.

Teresa N. - Jun 23 2017 - 5/5

It was nice to be able to book your seats ahead of time. It was easy to use and everybody was very accommodating at the stations when our family needed help finding a route.

Rogelio K. - Jun 23 2017 - 4/5

Not enough and confusing info available at airport (haneda) on where to go. Not clear what rides accepts jr pass. JR staff at train stations very helpful.

4,8 / 5
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