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Alessandra G. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

Ordering the Japan Rail Pass through the Japan Experience website was very easy. The Pass was delivered very quickly, 48h after my order.

Tina C. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

Fast efficient service!

Jason S. - Mar 22 2019 - 4/5

While I was able to book my tickets in advance. I was very surprised that JR Rail takes reservations that are not fulfilled. I tried to get on an earlier train only to be told the train's reserved cars were full and that my train's reserved cars were also full. Neither were full when I traveled.

Elsa A. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

Timely services, friendly staff, clean trains. Easy to move around and understand the schedules, despite the language barrier. Staff at train stations also very proactive, helpful with questions and other and friendly. Cannot wait to go again to your beautiful country!

Esther A. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

I've been using Japan Rail Pass everytime I go to Japan. I also referred my friends to this site. It has the best price, its quick and convenient. Thank you!

JAQUELINE C. - Mar 22 2019 - 4/5

The JR Rail Pass was somewhat limiting and didn't cover areas that I had planned to visit. This caused extra planning and spending on our budget that I had not planned for. Would have been nice if the JR Rail Pass also included local trains.

Preston H. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

Speedy delivery. Great customer services. Ordered the rail-pass and rented the pocket wi-fi.

Kristen U. - Mar 22 2019 - 4/5

I’ve used Japan Rail Pass 3x for pocket Wi-Fi rental. The ease & cost of rental is great! I knocked off 1 star because the last Wi-Fi I received (Jan 2019) was a different, newer model than the previous 2 but the connection was terrible. Had to restart device many times throughout my trip.

Scott M. - Mar 22 2019 - 5/5

The JR Pass is wonderful in every way.

Teng Guan K. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

Very quick service and easy to buy the JR pass voucher and SIM cards.

Hannah R. - Mar 21 2019 - 4/5

I loved the convenience and affordability of the Rail Pass. The website was a little hard to negotiate. I think there is room for improvement in the user interface. However, once I got the rail pass and tried negotiating Japan, I loved it! I am super pleased and will use it again next time.

BENJAMIN D. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

You cannot beat japan rail pass for its service and customer service. Each time I go to Japan I order it online, it is so convenient ,you can pick it up almost anywhere you choose. ***

Edwin A. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

Competetive in sense of cost. Practical to use. Fast pass through the gates.

Tsz Hong Y. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

Great price. Easy order. Fast delivery. JR pass is must use when you visit japan

Massimo F. - Mar 21 2019 - 4/5

Very useful and convenient. The delivery was not easy. FedEx not able to find my hotel and I’ve been forced to collect the voucher at the FedEx main station a bit out of Tokyo.

Nattapol S. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5


Lee F. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

It was good. I got my Suica card without any issues and was glad because it saved me from having to stand in the long lines when I got to Japan. I just went straight to the train to go to my hotel after landing. Thanks!

Sowanajucric T. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

Amazing service and timely delivery, guides were extremely helpful!

Christopher F. - Mar 21 2019 - 5/5

The portable wifi worked really well. Everyone in the family had access to unlimited wifi for our travels in Japan. Being able to pick up and drop off at the airport was very convenient.

Bernt Tomas Ingemar A. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

I hope that there are other model , exp. 10 Days or 12 Days ticket.

Adrienne B. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

Excellent service - good price and voucher arrived very quickly.

Christopher F. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

I have used the Japan Experience website for several years now. My wife and I travel to Japan every Spring. Your Website is very user friendly and a snap to get my Japan Rail Pass application in. I also enjoy getting other information regarding our travels in Japan.

FRANKIE S. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

easy, fast and worth the money

Jarvis P. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

Staff were friendly and always helpful. The pass was well worth it.

Ming-chi C. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

The Japan Rail pass is a wonderful product; we got to explore many more places because we had the pass. The only drawback is the limited service of JR buses. When we were in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Nagano, it was not that easy to utilize JR buses because it does not operate very frequently.

Anthony B. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

It arrived quick, was easy to use and understand.

Patricisa A. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

Trains were always on time, very clean and comfortable.

FRONT D. - Mar 20 2019 - 4/5

The japan rail pass program is amazing. Getting the rail pass was a bit onerous because we bought it very close to our trip and had to ship the passes to our hotel, then go to the train station to get the physical passes. Maybe there is a way to simplify this process? Otherwise, I loved the passes.

Erin L. - Mar 20 2019 - 5/5

A great trip to Japan and so convenient and easy to use!

Miri R. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Fast Delivery on time, good communication

Emma T. - Mar 19 2019 - 4/5

*** Japan Experience was recommended to me by someone who had used it to purchase a Japan Railcard voucher. I made the same purchase. The voucher received quickly and the experience was stress-free. I travel to Japan on Sunday 24 March so have not yet had a chance to evaluat

Maria Johanna Renate K. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

service and sending had been fast and correct.

William H. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Good service, but suggest sign is needed on outer door (difficult to find). Very convenient location.

Alice C. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Once I found where to purchase the JR passes on the website, order and delivery were fast and efficient.

Joshua D. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Fast and efficient! Received what I needed in just a few days.

Robert L. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Very fast shipment.

Brett H. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Japan is a GREAT deal if you’re planning on traveling throughout the country. It pays for itself if you plan on using shinkansesn. I’ve used JR pass my past two visits to Japan. One of my favorite parts is that the JR Ticket offices can reserve shinkansen seats for you.

cecilia L. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

The best purchase train ticket for traveling around Japan.

Allen S. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Sim card worked easily with no problems

Alexandra S. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Best way to travel and experience whole Japan from South to North, East to West. As always (it was my 8th time using JP rail pass) was great: clean, safe, on time. Just amaizing experience. Thank you

Simone F. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Would be great to have an app that would allow to easily calculate the best options available using the rail pass.

Cyril R. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Very convenient and a great way for foreigners to explore japan.

yuichi T. - Mar 19 2019 - 4/5

Easy to use. I appreciate if you can get on first Shinkansen.

Matti M. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Great value for money. The best thing was the easiness that the Japan Rail Pass gave during the trip.

Artem S. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

Totally satisfied

Robert G. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

i booked a green pass and was very easy to use and the staff at every stop were very helpful.

Vesa V. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

This was not my first experience with the Rail Pass, so I am quite used to using it.and met very little difficulties. Once I boarded a Nozomi, but that was just my mistake, I got off and waited five minutes for a Hikari at Nagoya. I will use a Pass again when visiting Japan, and recommend it to all.

Eleuterio G. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

I thought the service was really easy to use. The information was precise. Finally, I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in visiting Japan.

Amy H. - Mar 19 2019 - 4/5

My experience with the Japan Rail Pass was wonderful. The pass was extremely easy to use during our trip; from exchanging the voucher at the JR office at Narita, to making shinkansen reservations, to actually using it to get to/from Kyoto the process was seemless and easy.

Alison G. - Mar 19 2019 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was easy to purchase, and incredibly useful during my travels in Japan.

4,8 / 5
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