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Amelita A. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

Website was informative and was very easy to navigate. Also satisfied with the short amount of time it took for my order to be delivered.

Eric J. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

Service was quick, accurate, and the information was easy to understand.

William K. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

It was excellent doing business with Japan Rail Pass. I would definitely do it again. The only criticism is that it can only be bought for 7, 14, or 21 days. It would be nice to be able to get a 10-day pass, for example. Other than that, I have no complaints and have had no issues using it. Awesome!

Tomasz I. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

It is a very useful travel tool - makes it easy, inexpensive and convenient to travel not only between cities but also on the Tokyo metropolitan trains. Highly recommended.

Natasha H. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

It was really easy to use, very easy to set up and the connection was really good, all of my family members were able to connect it with no problems at all.

Paul M. - Sep 22 2018 - 4/5

There were no hitches in the material provide, the guidance to exchange the voucher for the actual rail pass or the usage of the pass. One minor hitch: no guard at one of the stations so, my friend I just walked through in the end!

Maria C. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

This is the second time we have purchased the japan rail pass and its everything we needed to get around japan

ROSA E. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

Todas las rutas recorridas en el Shinkansen y los trenes locales fueron en trenes limpios, puntuales, cómodos, rápidos y totalmente, satisfactorios. Felicidades por tener ese sistema de transporte.

Aaron Y. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

No problems!

Kyle M. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

Fair price for the pass and very helpful in travel.

Manuel G. - Sep 22 2018 - 5/5

Great experience

Ivan Asher M. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

I'm very happy overall with the service provided.\nI think the website is very well organized and the information provided is very clear and concise.\n\nI was happily surprised with the speediness of the delivery even though you had to ship my voucher to another continent.

Kevin N. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

The buying experience was very simple and easy to understand. The voucher was delivered as promised in 2 business days.

Kimberly S. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was quick and easy to to get once in Japan. In Tokyo it saved us a lot of money. The subway is the only for of transportation we used. I just wish it we could have used it more in Kyoto.

Hannah S. - Sep 21 2018 - 4/5

Loved the pass, very easy to use!

Nhan N. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5


Jennifer B. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

Rented wifi hotspot. Was very useful.

Dale S. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

Purchasing the voucher, getting the rail pass and riding on JR was very easy. Definitely the most relaxing and efficient way to travel in Japan.

Kimberly B. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

The railpass transaction had it's ups and downs. the Wifi mini's were marvelous, easy to use and return.

Shannon H. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

It was well worth the money. I have able to travel around quite a bit around Japan using this pass. I used the Shinkansen multiple times and using the JR lines were very efficient.

JEFFERY M. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

It's a good value deal.

Juliana H. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

Everything was so easy and accessible! The direction were clear on how to get your pass when you got to Japan, the delivery was speedy, and the customer service was great. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to go to Japan! I will definitely use this again!

Midori L. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

It was so easy to use. Convenient even in town.

Kevin M. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

Very convenient and cost effective for a 7 day or longer trip. Easy to get the rail pass in Japan. Was very convenient to use for travel. Saved me money because I had to change plans last minute due to heavy rains and did not have to worry about the travel expense since I had the rail pass.

Jure B. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

It's a very economical and tourist friendly way of getting around Japan.

Henri A. - Sep 21 2018 - 4/5

Although a bit expensive it turned out great value for money! If I should come up with an improvement it would be to have better information about which trains are covered by JPR and which not. Definitely recommend the pass!

Mai youa X. - Sep 21 2018 - 5/5

Good wifi and very practical. Easy to use. But,I think the wifi pocket was a bit old and get hot quickly. Not recharged when picked it up. The rechargeable battery was very helpful.\nVery easy to send it back. Good service. Thank you very much. This wifi pocket is very useful when using google map.

DAVID M. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

Very fast shipment and delivery!

Carlos R. - Sep 20 2018 - 4/5

Hasta ahora, la reserva del alojamiento, asi como en encargo de la tarjeta de JR Rail Pass y el pocket wifi, ha sido todo realizado sin ningun problema. Cuando llegue a Japon y recoja ambos encargos y llegue al alojamiento tendre la oportunidad de completar mi valoración, hasta ahora bien

Sandra K. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

Nice, fast and uncomplicated.

Nealie N. - Sep 20 2018 - 4/5

I was very satisfied with the rail pass itself, however my receipt indicated the cost of 2 tickets was ***$ and then my CC was billed ***$ with no explanation as to why. This caused me significant issues getting refunded the cost of the ticket through work.

Maggie W. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

This is our second time using JR Pass. We bought 14-day tickets. It allowed us to travel around northern Japan, around Hokkaido, and eventually down to Tokyo. We had a fantastic summer. Absolutely will do it again

MIGUEL L. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

Super high quality and excellent service , always on time !

Hermelinda C. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

Wonderful experience. Efficient staff!

Mai K. - Sep 20 2018 - 4/5

I was happy at how convenient it was. Unfortunately, the line to exchange the voucher for the pass was very long and took a very long time to get. Also, my boyfriend lost his pass the first day we got it and we had to purchase another one because there was no refund.

James H. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass is a great bargain for inter-city travel in Japan, and the best place to buy it is Japan Experience. I use Japan Experience when buying for myself, as well as for the small groups of students I take to Japan regularly. Easy to buy, quick shipping, great support!

shanna S. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

so happy with trip to japan, wonderful experience, will definitly come back again, thanks for all the help we had been gotten in kyoto .

Brian G. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass is the best way to see the country.

Andrew T. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

I had a wonderful trip with the Japan Rail Pass.

Sriharsha V. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5


Nicole M. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

The rail pass was very easy to use, and the staff at the offices were very friendly and helpful

John W. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

The website has useful information and was fairly straightforward and easy to use. We ordered the passes and the exchange vouchers arrived in a relatively short period of time. Once we arrived in Japan we were able to obtain our passes at the airport and began using the first day. A good experience.

Ting-Ting W. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

All of the JR staffs provided the excellent customer services.

Noah F. - Sep 20 2018 - 5/5

Easy to use, efficient, and affordable. It was everything I needed!

Melanie F. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

It was great using the rail pass because we ended up using the train a lot. It was a lot easier and faster then buying tickets.

Julie L. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

The Pass is a must when you want to travel in Japan. We used it to go from Tokyo to Kyoto, then to Osaka and around Osaka, and finally all the way up to Hokkaido and back to Tokyo. It would have be a lot more expensive without the Pass. It was also easy to exchange the voucher for the actual pass.

majed A. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

i like every thing

JOSE B. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

It's been perfect, schedules, attention, transportation... Everything. Nothing to add.\n\nBest option to visit Japan in 8 days. Great experience!!!

Charlston A. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

The best thing you can do in Japan traveling around is to go on the bullet train or shinkansen. For visitors who do not live in Japan, this is an amazing convenience and savings to have the Japan Rail Pass!! Every visitor should get a Japan Rail Pass if traveling in Japan for more than a week.

Songhwa C. - Sep 19 2018 - 5/5

Everything was easy

4,8 / 5
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