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Pedro Henrique S. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

The service presented by every member of the staff was more than excelente! Everytime a problem presented itself everyone I asked for assistance was willing to halp me.

Steven H. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail pass was excellent value and enhanced my recent trip to Japan. Purchasing the Japan Rail Pass was easy, as was exchanging the voucher for the rail pass at the airport.

Wai Sen O. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

Quick service! Awesome!

Kong Hin S. - Mar 25 2017 - 4/5

The whole process from ordering of the rail passes on line to validating it in Japan to its utilization in Japan was generally smooth, accept for the long queues and waiting time when validating at the various stations.

trevor W. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

Satisfied with all aspects, especially delivery well ahead of promise

Jillian B. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

Great value!

Yilei G. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

generally very satisfied with the response time and attitude of the customer contact person.\n\nA wonderful experience indeed!\n\nthank you so much!

Douglas C. - Mar 25 2017 - 5/5

This rail pass was very easy to use and the process for pick up and return was excellent. We also used the pocket wifi unit and were very pleased with its effectiveness and reasonable cost.

Yuko K. - Mar 24 2017 - 4/5

It took more than a week to receive the pass, because the address lacked a number ("Int. 3" instead of "Int. 37"). I don't know if this mistake has caused by the Japan experience company or the FedEx company.\nThe invoice has the correct address ("Int. 37").

Noa E. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

I was.most satisfied with you service.. It was very simple to buy the train pass on the web site. I got the pass to my home very quickly. I would certainly recomend your service's.\n***

steven B. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

The order, pick up, use, and drop off process couldn't be easier. Thank you for making my trip to Japan a very enjoyable experience.

Thomas S. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Very happy with the quick service.

Colton H. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Great experience all around

Noele Kyle C. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Excellent service. JR Pass arrived sooner than expected. My deepest gratitude extended.

Joshua T. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Excellent value.

Rachelle L. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Quick arrival, well price. Overall a great experience. Thank you

Lucy K. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Very convenient

CRISTIAN S. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

I strongly recommend this company to acquire Japan Rail Pass. It's serious and efficient. \n

Man Chi C. - Mar 24 2017 - 4/5

If company can directly send the pass to us, it should be better. We waste time on exchange the pass.

Abigail L. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Clear instructions, guidelines & directions in ordering a japan rail ticket & wi-fi. The ticket arrived earlier than expected which was great. Make sure to let your accommodations know ahead of time when the package arrives & track your order!

Knut R. - Mar 24 2017 - 5/5

Pleasant and efficient service.

margaret H. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

Always prompt delivery and good service.

John M. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

This was an incredible value and i recommend it to anyone going to Japan! It paid for itself in just two train rides, and we probably would have spent 4 times as much if we purchased tickets the conventional way. Service was incredible. The only thing that was strange is that the tickets come in the mail from France for some reason, so you have to allow time before your trip for them to arrive.

Adam R. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

The entire experience was fantastic. No problems at all. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Ronald G. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

Fast, efficient and reliable. Easy to order. What more could you want?

Moira W. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

Highly recommend your service.

Tuukka H. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

I don't know what you can improve. The pass arrived in time and my trips in Japan went very smoothly. Based on the experience, I seriously want to visit Japan again and will definitely buy the Japan Rail Pass again.

Melissa A. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5


Yumiko M. - Mar 23 2017 - 4/5

Why can't we use "Nozomi" with the pass?

CRISTIAN M. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

In general we had a great experience and we found very easy to travel around Japan with the bullet train. On arrival to Tokyo to collect our tickets we were welcome and very well informed of which lines we could used and all our questions were resolved. I would recommend the Rail Japan Pass to anybody travelling to Japan its a fantastic way to travel around. 100% Recommended!

Annamaria C. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

The service was excellent and made our journey perfect! Thanks!

ARUN V. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

Overall a very pleasant and a fantastic experience, in ordering, cancelling and reordering (we wanted an upgrade to the green car & so cancelled and reordered) - staff are super diligent and the FedEx delivery was spot on -- the turn around time was commendable! Follow the you tube videos of the process, Do's/Dont's, activation timing (super critical) and finally you need to reserve seats (even on the green car) since it gets BUSY! So lock down your schedule, reserve seats in any of the JR centres and you are all set ! Thank you again.

Sarah D. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

Everything was great!

MERLAND M. - Mar 23 2017 - 5/5

This made my trip work. It made the rail system a breeze and not having to buy tickets every time was great. The only thing that could have been better is the ability to pick it up at the airport

John S. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

Thank you for the quick delivery. \n

Elise C. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

Only booked JR tickets. Service were good.

Belinda V. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

Livraison très rapide!

Julio Alejandro R. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

I am from Mexico and ordered the JR pass I received the next business day They also offer the best Price even with the shipping cost included.

Yukie K. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

Transaction was smooth and quick delivery.

Martin A. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

We booked a one-week JR pass with green seats and I have never experienced a more comfortable or civilized form of travel. Coming from Canada where rail infrastructure is woefully inadequate by comparison, I'm always excited to experience such systems in other countries. \n\nHaving previously used regional railway systems in Denmark, India, and the UK, I can say that Japan holds the trophy for most efficient, clean, and fast service- when speaking to my own personal experience. The pass itself was affordable and also allowed us the perk of using any JR metro line in Tokyo, too; since we were often based close to the Yamanote line this was indispensable. While the green seat option was more expensive, it was more than worth it when we factored into account the additional perks: larger seats, more space for luggage, and considerably fewer passengers, which meant that we were often the only ones in our car! Lastly I'll mention that using the JR pass was efficient and did not hinder our travel as transit clerks were very much accustomed to letting people through without any hassle.

Wendy I. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

Was a good way to travel, but we did not make pre-bookings onto the train which meant that we could not even get out of the airport for about 2 hrs, due to waiting in the que. Also we travelled in Jan which meant the trains were heavily booked well in advance. We travelled around the country but found getting a ticket hard because of heavy bookings. The green car was usually full, even though we paid for a green card pass. The staff were all very good. I would still recommend train pass.

Roy N. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

We've ordered rail pass for each of our trips to Japan through your website. We have always been highly satisfied with your service: the passes always got to us promptly and without any errors. Exchange instructions were clear.

Andrew M. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

The website was easy to navigate, I had no trouble purchasing my rail pass and it arrived in a timely manner. When I travel to Japan again this is how i'll buy my rail pass agaimn

Bronwyn W. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

The purchase, delivery and use of the Japan Rail pass was simple to undertake for our first journey to Japan.

Deidre D. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was so easy to use. There was 4 of us travelling Japan with big suitcases but found it a breeze using the JR Passes as you could book your seats at the ticket office. We opted for the green car and it was worth the extra money. The seats are so luxurious and a cart comes around offering snacks and drinks for purchase. The carriages are so clean.

Lynda B. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

Jap Rail Pass ordering, correspondence and use was outstanding - highly recommended

Jean Luan Y. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

quick reply to enquiries and matter sorted efficiently, great service

joseph B. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

The rail pass itself was excellent! The order process was simple, but a bit unnerving as there was not as much information on details as we would have liked.

Jordan L. - Mar 22 2017 - 4/5

It would be nice if the pass arrived to our home prior to arrival in Japan, rather than having to obtain it at a JR office once we arrived. It would also be nice if obtaining Shinkansen tickets could be done at any ticket offices, not special ones for passes

Christopher B. - Mar 22 2017 - 5/5

Everything was great! The shipping was incredibly fast!

4,8 / 5
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