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Joshua Norman P. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Voucher shipped immediately and arrived right on time in a very timely manner. Very straight forward and efficient!

Cynthia W. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

The JR pass was incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Wing L. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Great :)

William B. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Very useful pass, only way it could be better would be if it included the Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka subway lines

Corey G. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Great if you are planning on doing a lot of long-distance travel

Joshua H. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

The process was very straightforward and smooth. Would recommend.

Katherine B. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Great and efficient program to get the rail pass. Great value and service

Christian B. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Fast and efficient service. Bravo!

Huong H. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

This is a great service , everything work as expected would recommend to others

Andrew B. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Good service, no problems.

Hubertus S. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Railpass was sent to Japan on short notice. Excellent service. Received the pass in time.

Alexander O. - Feb 26 2017 - 5/5

Everything is great!!! Thanks!!!

Doris T. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Everything went smoothly.

Kevin S. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Straightforward purchase. Good advice on the website.

Anh T. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

The map tour guide route very helpfull, the jrpass is save money for me because I travel a lot, if not then it would cost too much

Christine B. - Feb 25 2017 - 4/5

It is great option for travelling in Japan.. The only I don't like is the ticketing, lots of limitations, then you have to show the pass to the pass everytime... That sometimes there's no staff available on the booth.. So, it's a hassle waiting.... Otherwise, just go ahead and pass without showing the pass, kinda guilty on my part..

Matthew J. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Very helpful while I was travelling throughout the country, I highly recommend!

SIMON C. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

I would like to have the booklet in Japanese map and words as its easier to figure out the station names on Japanese. Second, I don't like what kind of JR bus accept this pass as the booklet not tell.\n\nthanks

chris C. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

I am very satisfied with the order...

Huascar F. - Feb 25 2017 - 4/5

Why sending a paper ticket from France to the USA instead of a barcode per email? It is 2017. Anyway my passport will get checked for a tourist visa.

Michelle P. - Feb 25 2017 - 4/5

overall very good, but sometimes I cannot find the office to make reservation for my seat.

Cameron L. - Feb 25 2017 - 4/5

The Japan rail pass is great! We got a good price via japan experience and it was mailed to us with plenty of time. Pickup was easy, so long as you're near one of the larger railway stations in Japan (there are heaps though). We only had to stand on one train and that was because we were travelling on the Tokyo-Kyoto line on the busiest day of the Christmas period, otherwise no issues at all.\nWe had to get the full japan pass since we went through a few areas, but the prefecture passes would be great as well - and much cheaper.

Sau Ming C. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Everything is perfect. I had the package nicely packed and delivered to my hotel. The staff is so helpful. I would definitely recommend your service to many others.

MAIDENNA A. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Great service, fast shipment and staff were very helpful in arranging everything! Superb!

Rhiann C. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

It's really handy and saves you A LOT of money if you need to travel by the bullet train heaps in a period of time.

Oreen Y. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

Public Wi-Fi would be a great benefit.

Kien H. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

JPR is really handy for long distance travel and I would strongly recommend it especially for first time travellers to Japan

Christopher R. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

A brilliant service, very informative and prompt, easy to use and very obliging. Would absolutely recommend.

Thomas M. - Feb 25 2017 - 4/5

While I am sure you feel you have been clear, I can tell you that it is NOT obvious that a confirmation code for a Japan East Rail Pass will be emailed. The site is dominated by text explaining JR Passes, where it appears that snail mail, delivery times and delivery fees are involved.\n\nIt would also help you to make it clear that a visitor can buy a voucher at APRail.com, which seems to have a special realtionship with JR or with you. People are always afraid of internet scams. The fact tat the JR site links directly to APRail is disadvantageous to you. \n\nI am satisfied and I did recommend your site to others with whom I travelled to Morioka on a recent trip. However, some of these people did not receive ther voucher codes, they did not understand that they should have, and had difficulties at the JR East office at Narita. They assumed the acknowledgemet email from you was all that they needed and had to pay a 2nd time at Narita, getting a refund later from you. Obviously, the procedure is not clear enough and the system on your side did not detect that they had not received the appropriate documentation. So there is room for improvement.

Tobias B. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass has fulfilled my expectations in every aspect. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience!\n

Alex H. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

The device was waiting for me as arranged and worked flawlessly during our stay. \n\nReturn was simple.\n\n

Emma L. - Feb 25 2017 - 5/5

great experience.

Iulia-Roxana P. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

The delivery was very fast, I'm very pleased.

Gilson A. - Feb 24 2017 - 4/5

It's good, easy and super useful.

Mary D. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

Our overall experience was wonderful! Japan is a lovely country with beautiful people!

Duarte H. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

Everything with Japan Rail Pass was perfect. The Rail Pass arrived before I expected and it brought some extra goodies to help on the trip.\nI highly recommend this service!

Martin S. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

Everything was excellent.

Krishna P. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

used it as much as possible made traveling easier

Emilie D. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

All good, highly advised.

ARIZAI E. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

This pass totally worth it!

Toh S. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

All is good ,have nothing much to complain.

Wen Jia L. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

Fast shipping, perfect information guide book, competitive price.

Arjay R. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

Overall, my experience with Japan Rail Pass was excellent. However, I was nervous that the delivery of the pass to my house took almost 10 days. Good thing I had enough allowance for the delivery.

Boon Seng P. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

I am totally satisfied and will order the Japan Rail Pass again plus recommend my friends and family.

HENNY T. - Feb 24 2017 - 5/5

I m fully satisfied both with the purchase and the refund process.

Cynthia D. - Feb 23 2017 - 5/5

Excellent service!! will recommend to friends.

Trevor O. - Feb 23 2017 - 4/5

We have and will recommend using your services

Anna D. - Feb 23 2017 - 5/5

The service is really good. I'd recommend for all my friends travelling to Japan! I received my JR Pass in Tokyo, in my hostel. The activation was pretty easy and I didn't have problems to use it. I'm very satisfied with the service!

Bradley R. - Feb 23 2017 - 5/5

Please do not change anything. This service is fantastic.

Ian G. - Feb 23 2017 - 5/5

This is an excellent service, all runs very smoothly at both the home and Japan end. There was some confusion with our names because they are supposed to be full names on the voucher but the voucher has a maximum number of characters that will fit, so family members with long middle names had the ends of their surname missing. I rang about this and was assured that it wouldn't be a problem at the Japan end, and indeed it wasn't, but it worried me for a while. There was quite a queue at the airport to convert vouchers to JR passes, and trying to fill in forms for 4 people including passport details with only a clipboard to lean on while keeping place in a moving queue was a bit of a challenge, but the processing seemed pretty efficient.\nThe JR pass itself is great, gives you a feeling of freedom and flexibility to travel around the country, and let's face it - why would you go to Japan if you don't love trains?\nPocket WiFi was worth every penny - fast and reliable and a godsend when plans had to change in a hurry eg needing to consult Hyperdia while on a train to figure out alternate routes.

4,8 / 5
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