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Loraine D. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

no problems at all

Wai H. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Easy to travel all over Japan. Traveling was also super fast. We were able to see many sights outside of the city and between cities. Reservations were oftentimes not needed, and we were able to get good, comfortable seats every time.

Victor P. - Jul 21 2018 - 4/5

The Japan Rail Pass and the Japanese rail system was a wonderful experience. However, the service provided by the seller of the package, Japan Experience, was a bit a less than perfect. We had bought a phone chip as part of the package. We were charged for the chip but we did not get it.

Richard M. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Everything came on time and was as described. Perhaps let your users know that the Pasmo card must be activated at the JR station so it will work as required. We may have missed that on your website.

Gabriel H. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Quick and easy to purchase! Fast delivery!!

Allison M. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

The rail pass was great! Reasonably priced. We never had a problem getting onto a train with it. It really allowed us to explore the most of Japan which we are grateful for

Lisa M. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Very satisfied. Smooth process and easy to use our passes.

Casey R. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

The Japan Rail pass was an amazing buy! We got to travel all of Japan for a great price and experience everything we wanted to see on our trip. We will definitely be using it again on our next trip to Japan!

Alex T. - Jul 21 2018 - 4/5

Purchase process was great but I wouldn’t recommend the SIM card because it requires installing a profile on your device which is insecure.

SACHIKO I. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

It was very easy to use. Interestingly sometimes the non-reserved cars were cleaner and better than the reserved cars on the Shinkansen. We enjoyed very helpful JR offices throughout our trip.

Herman C. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Having the jrail pass saved me a lot of money and allowed me to travel all over Japan. It would be nice if one could get the pass for 16 or 17 days.

Antonin K. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

The best experience with public trains in my life. I have really nothing to complain about. Thank you very much.

Gustin H. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Use this service several times and it is very economical, fast 4G speed with unlimited data, pick up at the airport and return with the postage pid envelope, super easy

Linda W. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Japan service is the best.

Nellie K. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5


ANTONIETA A. - Jul 21 2018 - 5/5

Efficient, great way to see the country!

Bernd F. - Jul 20 2018 - 4/5

I ordered the data sim card to be delivered on a Monday and only after my purchase I was told that on this particular Monday the pick up location would be closed because it was a national holiday. Of course I should have checked on my own but it would have been nice if the company had warned earlier

Daryl C. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Service was fast and efficient. I had heard that in the past year a free book on Japan was given to purchasers of rail passes. I would have liked to receive that as well. But overall, I has a good experience doing business with you.

Benjamin H. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The website is well designed and the information presented is clear - good job!

Dareth G. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The pass was easy to obtain, it arrived quickly and activating it in Japan went smoothly.. Using the pass was convenient and quick and we were able to see a lot of areas of Japan with it. Would definitely use again.

Michael S. - Jul 20 2018 - 4/5

The experience was good for the most part. It seems rather inconveniencing at times because there is only one lane dedicated to it for both directions of traffic flow.

Christine V. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The train system was extremely efficient. There was confusion about when the train will leave there being more than one track. If you’re not careful you would sit on the wrong track and a train would leave earlier for the same destination.

Ann P. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Total ease of traveling

Helene K. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Service was very efficient and we received our tickets just as promised.

PETRA U. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

I like that it saves time as I don’t need to wait to buy a ticket, but would like to have some more guidance on how to reserve a seat (sometimes I had to stand for over two hours)

Kiley B. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The process for buying and using the pass was simple. Everyone in Japan was extremely helpful and kind . I have confidence that if I had contacted Japan Experience I would have received the same care and attention.

Elizabeth A. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

It was smooth and seamless from start to finish

Iris C. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

***\nNo issues when using it and definitely very useful and economical when traveling to multiple cities!

Harvey M. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

No problems receiving the voucher. Japan redemption to the actual Railpass was easy. I have used this site 3 times in the past 3 years w/o any problems.

Mason C. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Great experience, but the people who check the information and give the Rail Pass were not so nice at the Tokyo Station.

JACEK K. - Jul 20 2018 - 4/5

Very convenient, but expensive.

Elliot M. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Very good, easy to use and trains run on time

ZAHIRA C. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Very efficient. Arrived very fast. Very good service. I had no problem at all

Darren B. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

I was very satisfied. So easy and convenient to use.

DAVID S. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Ordering the pass was very easy and delivery on time.\nusing the pass in Japan is very easy.\nWe had a great holiday and travelled a lot using the pass.

Debra H. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

easy to use, good value.\n\nI would just prefer if the pass was a handier, smaller size. Maybe a credit card style?

Anders P. - Jul 20 2018 - 4/5

Great experience getting the rail pass, however, it was a bit harder to get an overview of the different add-ons.

Carlos V. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5


Victor M. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The experience was amazing! It felt a bit pricy when we ordered it online but it was more then worth it. Having acces to pretty much entire Japan since the JR-Line is so well built around the country. Very easy to use and pick up the railpass. This service is completly awesome!!

John P. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Easy to redeem! Easy to use! Great buy!

Desmond W. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

Had a fantastic time exploring Japan from the top to bottom, only possible with the Japan Rail Pass. Thank you !

Miguel Luis E. - Jul 20 2018 - 5/5

The service was prompt. Ticket vouchers arrived a few days after I placed the order. Other than a few language and procedure problems in Japan (it seems that not all JR staff are trained how to handle the tickets), everything was smooth.

Stephanie R. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

The JR pass made traveling around Japan easy! I was able to see 7 different cities in 14 days! It is well worth the price!

Carlo V. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

The rail pass is a must have for traveling in Japan. We saved so much money thanks to it. Going from Tokyo to Osaka, to Kyoto and back was a breeze!

Thomas R. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

.Everything was fine

VICTOR RAFAEL E. - Jul 19 2018 - 4/5

I wish there was an app or webpage in english with accurate times and connections using all the JR transport which I was allowed to use.

Malgorzata K. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

Very easy and convenient way of traveling in Japan. Would highly recommend it although is quite expensive.

Jianxin T. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

The Pass saves us money and very convenient for long trips and around large cities (Tokyo and Kyoto). The only drawback is that within large cities, in some places JR is unavailable.

Irene M. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

helpful staff ; great service

Lisa P. - Jul 19 2018 - 5/5

The trains were very clean and comfortable. We appreciate the discount tourist offer and used our 7 day pass to travel from Fukuoka to Tokyo and around each city on our stops. The help desk in Tokyo was always a help for us.

4,8 / 5
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