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Jessica Guadalupe C. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

It is my first time I bought JRpass and this site is excellent. The tickets arrived very fast to my home. \nThank you very much!

Sabine D. - Aug 25 2019 - 4/5

Fgood website, fast service.

james S. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

I have been travelling to Japan since *** go at least twice a year staying at least 8 weeks each time,visiting family and friends.Over the years I have I have used a number of travel agents.I have used your services for a couple of years now,I don`t think I could do better

Samuel P. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

The only possible improvement would be a clearer explanation of what to do when going from the Japan Rail Line (Shinkansen) to a subway. I tried to use my Suica card to enter the subway without realizing I had to first go through the Shinkansen exit to get my JRL pass stamped.

Christopher H. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

The JR Pass was very useful during my trip to Japan, and all of the JR staff I interacted with were kind and helpful. If I visit Japan again in the future, I will buy a JR Pass again.

Brian G. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

It was great. Everything went as promised. It was cheap, simple and convenient to use.

Ejura A. - Aug 25 2019 - 4/5

Straight forward

Michal F. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Japan rail pass is amazing oportunity, we were really happy we could use it, ANd it is the reason why we can afford traveling around Japan, the reason why we could visit Sapporo and Hiroshima!

Krzysztof K. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

The prices were reasonable and the parcel arrived very quickly. I strongly recommend the service!

Yechezkel O. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Very good service. Thank you!\nWould be better if Wi-Fi available on all lines

Elzbieta K. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

JR pass *** *** *** w uzyciu. Nie trzeba *** *** *** *** ***. *** *** *** i dalekie podroze i zwiedzac to co sie chce

Edwin R. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

convenient to be able to order a SIM card together with teh pass.

Damitha R. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Easy to use, very cost effective

John M. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Wonderful experience

ANTONIO M. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Excellent service. Very easy to use. Very convenient. A must have when you travel to Japan.

Christian J. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

Ordering was very easy, and they shipped and arrived quickly. Acquiring and using the passes in Japan was simple, although it took me some time to figure out where to go.

Joseph M. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

easy to use

Wakana D. - Aug 25 2019 - 5/5

It’s very convenient and items we ordered always worked perfectly in Japan. Website is easy to navigate and the price is very reasonable.

Dean M. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

Very fast turn-around time from when I placed the order to receiving the JR vouchers

Colin C. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Japan. Using the Japan Rail pass was very efficient, easy to use and good value for money. All the Rail staff that we came into contact with were extremely helpful and courteous. Highly recommend the use of the Japan Rail pass

Shannon L. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

This service was great! I wish I had ordered it sooner but it got to me in Japan on time & safely. It was easy to set up & worked without any issues. I purchased both the 31 day card & the 8 day card. I wasted a few days since I was only there 35 days but for the price I think it was worth it!

Siniša S. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

The Pass was very convenient and easy to use. My stay in Japan would not have been the same without it.

Pierre D. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

Simple and fast as always

Beena K. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

it was so super convenient and made our travel within japan more smooth.\nI'm in total awe of Japan as a country . the public transportation is great and JR pass is a part of that greatness

David O. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

Fast and easy

KEFAH M. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

everything was perfect..thanks

Jiri K. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

I have no advice, I was satisfied.

Emma P. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

It arrived quickly, instructions were clear. Staff were kind, helpful and patient when we collected it. Trains were punctual and clean.

Jacob C. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

I was able to get a rail pass, an unlimited data sim card, and even a suica card before arriving in Japan. The suica card is something that's easy to get whenever you arrive, but being able to go right off the plane and into the train system with no hassle is really convenient!

Paul C. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

The best and easiest way to navigate Japan is by rail, no matter the distance; especially if you're not pressed for time. Using the Rail Pass was simple, as was booking seats for the Bullet Train. The Rail Pass covers the majority of trains routes in Japan and those that aren't are reasonably priced

Colin D. - Aug 24 2019 - 5/5

Wonderful experience and helpful all along the way!

Aya P. - Aug 24 2019 - 4/5

Rail pass was great price. But I purchased sim card twice in the past and it worked and was so great but this time, I recommended my friend to buy and I bought it myself and neither worked. You have great price but you have to find out why. I used the same phone as one that worked previously .

Claudine T. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

Everything was clear and simple. Fast delivery! Great online service! Thankyou!

Peter H. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5


Justin S. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

Very convenient and easy to use.

Xinwei C. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

I am satisfied because the JR pass agency in Japan was very friendly. I have good experince taking the bullet trains.

Eric K. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

If you're planning to travel via shinkansen at any point in your trip then this is the best option for you. I highly suggest getting a Pasmo or *** card as well. It is super handy to have both JR pass and ***. Also, a pocket wifi is invaluable too!

Penelope S. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

Firstly, the purchasing of the JR Pass was very easy and convenient. Secondly, the usage of the Pass was, by far, the best way to travel. It was convenient and hassle free. The trains were very nice and clean. It was a great experience and we all loved that mode of transportation.

Amos B. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

On time, comfortable ,

Michel D. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

It opens almost every (train) doors :)

charlotte H. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

The cards and *** arrived within days and worked perfectly.

Rodelyn R. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

Quick and good service. The JR pass and pocket WiFi are very convenient to us during our tour in Japan.

Fernando H. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

It is a little bit pricey, but it is very useful. The attention of the *** *** was VERY professional. Great value!

Beverly N. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

The rail pass was so convenient to use, and the person who helped us exchange the vouchers for the passes did such a great job with our passes and booking our Shinkansen tickets! We definitely go our money's worth with the passes!

Laraine Y. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

We had no problems using our rail pass in Hokkaido in July. It was convenient and very good.

Evan S. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

The JR Rail Pass was a phenomenal purchase for my trip to Japan. I stayed in Japan for just over two weeks, and was able to visit many cities because of the JR pass. The JR pass makes inter-city travel possible and affordable.

JOSEPH D. - Aug 23 2019 - 5/5

everyone there was very helpful all we had to do was sow our pass. If I ever go back to japan I will order the pass again

Andrew M. - Aug 22 2019 - 5/5

Fast and efficient. Problems addressed immediately. Great communication.

Miri L. - Aug 22 2019 - 5/5

Easy to order.\nThe exchange order arrived the next day although it was international shipping.

JACK B. - Aug 22 2019 - 5/5

In a foreign language country it was still so easy to use & navigate.\nSaved a lot of time & stress!

4,8 / 5
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