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Natalie A. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

Very fast service

Kevin L. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

Easy to buy, fair price, fast shipping, good details on site. Made my trip to Japan simple and easy!

Krystal C. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

On time, efficient, clean, friendly

Reginald A. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

Hassle free mobility. Tremendous value.\nWill do this again when I return to Japan in the future!

Angelina B. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

I would advise everyone visiting Japan to get the JR Pass. It's the best way to get around. There's always people on JR line who will give you instructions and show you the way. Shinkansen Line is awesome. Best experience in Japan

Reece K. - Apr 19 2019 - 5/5

I very much enjoyed the use of my JR Pass. It allowed me to move from Tokyo to the other cities in Japan that I wanted to see, such as Fukuoka. One difficulty I had with using the JR Pass was being able to tell which lines were covered. Particularly in more rural areas of Japan like Fukuoka to Beppu

MARIA M. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was a good investment to travel to Japan.

Marie R. - Apr 18 2019 - 4/5

The use of the Japan Rail Pass once obtained was excellent and very easy. However, I had to wait on line a very long time at Narita airport to exchange the voucher for the JR Pass.

John W. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Excellent transaction. Quick shipping. Enjoyed using the JR Rail Pass.

Connor B. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was easy to use. The personnel whom I interacted with while receiving, using, and had any questions for were all well informed as well professional and friendly. Plus, on the positive side of was worth every penny spent.

tak yin L. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was so convenience using the JR pass.

Sue S. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5


Arlene C. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

The pass was easy to order and easy to exchange and use in Japan. The pass allowed flexibility in traveling throughout japan and the JR office provided very good travel information (maps, timetables, suggested routes to see the most sights).

Thomas M. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

I find the pass to be extremely useful especially when you are trying to see the whole country. The ease of use is phenomenal also.

Maryam A. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

One of the best rail systems i ever tried

JOSEPH B. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Everything arrived on time and was perfect !!!

James V. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Sent extremely quickly and the exchange at the airport was seamless. Only thing I would change/add is also adding the availability of getting an ICOCA IC card from abroad for even more convenience when heading immediately west.

Marco B. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Excellent impecable service

Anna R. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Very satisfied with the JR Pass, excellent service from all JR staff, nice trains, easy to arrange tickets and to change tickets whenever necessary. And the cost is a bargain. Have used the JR Pass several times and will use again.

Anca-Adriana D. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was easy to purchase, and very fast delivery. It's a little bit confusing with the two different brands of rail cards, but eventually we worked it out. Also, you could add to your site that whatever balance is remaining on your card can be used to purchase for example chocolate at the airport.

Mercedes P. - Apr 18 2019 - 4/5

My suggest is that their employees should speak more English, sometimes it was hard for me to express myself to find the right train. Also, more English signs on the subway will be great too.

Colm M. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was fantastic, very smooth and easy.

Sean W. - Apr 18 2019 - 4/5

***** ***** was good value and worked well.

Denim Francesco L. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Having purchased the Rail pass few weeks before our trip to Japan and having all ready since we landed in Haneda was a real "peace of mind" state. \nIt should be made more clear which trains cannot be accessed with the pass.

Clara A. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It would be great to have the option of paying a little bit more so it does not exclude any train at all

Kevin T. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5


Neil J. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

It was one of the best decisions we made for our trip to Japan. It was so easy to use, and everyone was very friendly when we had any questions. The only request that I have is to make the pass the same size as a passport. This will be easier to store when traveling.

Trent S. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

Easy process to get a SIM card delivered. Instructions were very clear and easy to understand when setting up the data connection in Japan.

Robyn T. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I received my order in quickly and the ordering process was simple.

Mayte D. - Apr 18 2019 - 5/5

had a great experience while using, definitely would buy again!

Arzhaana S. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The service was great and delivery was fast. The fees were cheaper than anywhere, the forms were easy to fill in.

Rodolfo Z. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Pretty fast service and easy to use.

CHIIN-KUN H. - Apr 17 2019 - 4/5

I have two suggestions:\n1) there are no clear sign of the JR West ticket office at Shin Osaka station. It took a while to find the right ticket office for the exchange. \n2) the staff who handles the exchange was not polite and very cool.

christian L. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The Japan Rail pass was great for my trip and provided a lot of value for me. Within Tokyo, I was able to get to the around the city for the Marathon and afterward to visit multiple cities in Japan.

Alexander L. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

It was easy as 1-2-3 to order and receive it ns couple of days.\nI worked as advertised in Japan and saved us a lot of money!

Lauren K. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The website was easy to use, provided clear direction, shipping was fast, and prices were fair. Thanks so much for providing what we needed for a great trip to Japan!

Edmond L. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Very convenient to use.

Wendi H. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

We had a lot of help at all the stations we used, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima. Everyone spoke English, there was a special line just for us, and your staff helped us with taking the best train on the rail pass. Thanks so much for your great staff in the stations!

CHAD T. - Apr 17 2019 - 4/5

Thought the people who provided assistance were AWESOME!!! Particular shout outs to Aurore, Angelina, and Pierre Alexandre were very helpful (especially Aurore as I think we ended up talking most). Using the Shinkansen was what made it affordable. If we had just stayed within Tokyo it wouldn't have.

Ronald N. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Excellent service and the JR tickets was worth purchasing.

Gary B. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Our JR Pass experience went very well. We were impressed by service we received when using the Passes and getting reservations with them.

Pearl Chin C. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The rail pass is available for pick up at the airport, and staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It is also cost efficient for travellers who wants to see many great places in Japan.

PATRICIO D. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Was great and convenient. And you can pick JR lines in all over Japan where you can use the pass. I would contract it again

Patricia K. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Excellent value. It could be used for in city (at times) and out of city travel. A wonderful way to see Japan!

Kuniko P. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The delivery was quick, secure and reasonable.

Liting M. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

We have used JR Pass every time we’ve visited Japan and it has been worth it every time. We love it!

Brian F. - Apr 17 2019 - 4/5

The rail passes were nice to use but they should be able to put through the gates instead of showing them at the window. Also, making reservations for the green cars should be able to use the machine instead of waiting in a 30-45 minute line to reserve your seats.

Phillip P. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

Just great!

Thomas G. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

The only thing thing that would have made the ***** pass better would be if it worked in the ticket turnstiles I know that has to do with ***** and not you guys a sellers. Other than that the experience was great.

MICHAL S. - Apr 17 2019 - 5/5

This pass is great, all JR connections are very accurate and on time. Very comfortable and fast travel around the country and cities. This will save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Very recommended

4,8 / 5
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