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Christine Y. - Feb 21 2020 - 4/5

while I understand the caution exercised by sending my personal info before the transaction to purchase seven *** cards was completed, it made it more time consuming and difficult. for a small order such as this, perhaps the extra step wasn't necessary.

Kyoko O. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

Although it was kind of a pain that I had to go to the Embassey of Japan in Washington DC for getting the proof document as a regal resident over 10 years in order to buy a JR-Pass (which is not your decision), your quick and accurate responce and service were excellent: you have gained my trust.

Kyle H. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

Extremely satisfied with their system. Was able to have my rail passes and wifi delivered before the trip and both worked flawlessly throughout two weeks in Japan. Would definitely recommend.

larry H. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

An excellent value and an outstanding way to see an amazing country. You can plan trips or do impulse excursions - the longer you can stay in Japan the more valuable the pass becomes. If you just have a week, I'd do a guided tour, but if you have the time to explore, the rail pass is the way to go

andrew A. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

I bought the ticket later than I should, however I received it within the promised three days and was able to track it's progress from purchase to delivery. I couldn't be happier with the service provided.\nExchanging the voucher for the actual pass on arrival in Japan could not have been easier.

HAKAN U. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

Thank you.

Luis M. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

It is always an excellent experience to use the JR Pass

Joshua B. - Feb 21 2020 - 5/5

Instructions shipped with the pass were clear and helpful. JR employees were polite. The trains in Japan are awesome! The pass is a great value.

Cina-Maria M. - Feb 21 2020 - 4/5

It did exactly as advertised. I just wish there was a little directory of some kind that offered advice on one or two day trips out of Tokyo or Kyoto. Otherwise everything was great.

Godwin D. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the voucher was shipped.

Christoph B. - Feb 20 2020 - 4/5

The usability is good, but mit excellent. But at least, you will get any desired information.

PETER H. - Feb 20 2020 - 4/5

Pass was extremely easy to use. Only issue I had was you could not book the fastest train.

Antony S. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

Excellent from start to finish ... well worth it

Tristan R. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

The process of getting a JR pass was simple and stress free. Using the pass was easy and worth the money.

Matevz M. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

Everything has been perfect, apart one thing.\n\nFrom Kyoto to Tokyo we got on train at *** instead of *** (by our mistake). When mistake has been discovered, conductor sent us at the entrance where we had to stand up for app. 30 minutes when we got to next stop (he could let us sit to next stop)

Aristomenis G. - Feb 20 2020 - 4/5

Everything was great, might be better if there was a combination with metro station.

Greta R. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

All information we needed was really accesible thus planning trips was easy and fast.

Jon F. - Feb 20 2020 - 4/5

Super easy to use but not sure I got my money worth out of it. Went north not Kyoto , not able to use at all times when in Tokyo. Lots of local small trips

Ronnie M. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

The pass in invaluable if you are planning to explore the country outside of Tokyo. If you’re staying in the city for the entirety of your trip it may not be a value, but if you want to go to Yokohama, Kyoto, Nagano as we did, the price is well worth it and the trains are very comfortable and clean.

Naoko R. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

We saved so much money by using the pass. If you are planning to go to Japan, make sure to purchase the pass.

WILLIAM H. - Feb 20 2020 - 5/5

The process is very easy and clear to understand. This is the second time I have used japan-rail-pass.com. I looked into other providers and they didn't seem as reliable as japan-rail-pass.com. I look forward to purchasing from you again!

Volkan D. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Sehr schneller Versand!

Todd S. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Ease of use and availability. Ordered mine. Pizzas up at hostel where I was staying. Loves the process. Will buy again!

Everard V. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Best price for what we needed and quick delivery.

Iona B. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Easy to exchange in Tokyo, helpful staff at each station who assisted with reservations. Trains were spacious and clean. Useful for us to have english translations in most places.

Marco Valente C. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Efficient, easy and safe. This is the third time I use it and I highly reccomend it!

HUY N. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

it works great easy, to obtain at the airport.

Eamonn P. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

It was easy, clearly explained, cheap and reliable. The trains in Japan make getting around so easy.

BOB M. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Very easy process and lots of savings. Thanks.

Blair Y. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

The Jr pass is very convenient. The trains are very clean and always in time. I really appreciate all of the staff at the stations as they made our travels across Japan very easy and stress free. I knew I could rely on the staff to provide me correct information and they were all very polite.

Matthew R. - Feb 19 2020 - 4/5

Love the trains... There were a few problems however. I thought I could go to ANY SHINKASEN Station to validate the pass. But not in Karuizawa. I was forced to pay a *** Yen trip for Nagano before my $450 pass could be validated. I was quite upset. It wasn't clear. MR/PARIS FRANCE

Thomas L. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

The Japan rail pass is a vital part of travelling in Japan, it makes travelling by rail so easy and stress free. The process in getting the pass is simple to follow and takes all the hassle of obtaining tickets for each journey. Wouldn't go to Japan without having already obtained the rail pass.

Marja-Liisa L. - Feb 19 2020 - 4/5

Everything worked well!

Jessica C. - Feb 19 2020 - 5/5

Very pleased with ease of use. Attendants were helpful, polite and in good spirits.

Izumi A. - Feb 18 2020 - 4/5

We love the JR Pass for its convenience. However, it is quite expensive if we don't travel a great deal on our trip to Japan. Maybe you can create a different class of JR Pass that is cheaper and with some limitations for distances? Overall, we are grateful!

Jeffery P. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

We went from Tokyo to Osaka (a day trip to Hiroshima) then to Kyoto and back to Tokyo. All the agents were very polite and professional. We loved everything about using the Japan Rail Pass.

YIU-WING L. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

It is easy to order and the delivery was quick. No problem.

Daniel D. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Besides the long line just to activate the pass, I found it extremely worth it. It made commuting quick and easy. I didn't have to worry about recharging my IC card or buying my ticket because all I needed to do was flash my pass and I was in and out just like that. Would buy again.

Samuel G. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Very convenient experience overall. The staff was helpful and using the rail pass was smooth and simple, even when changing trains.

Craig W. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

it is super easy to use, the booking counters always have very friendly people working.\n\nI wish you were able to create pass per day, like some times I stay 16 days and the pass is only for 14, sometimes I come for 9 days...if I could pay per day at the time of purchase that would be nice.

Olga K. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

everything was very comfortable

Laoura T. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Excellent service! I ordered a JRP from here and it arrived as i expected. No complaints at all for the Rail pass. Very easy access from the site to find what you want. I also bought a sim card and worked perfect as well.

Mykola K. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Great service, thank you for making our stay in Japan so incredible easy

Kimberly G. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5


Palani M. - Feb 18 2020 - 4/5


Ronald S. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

You delivered the voucher quickly and provided useful information

WAKAKO R. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Once you understand the rules of the Pass it's easy to use. Since my wife and I both can read and speak ***, it's particularly convenient. We've never had difficulty making reservations, but that's largely because we come to the counter very well-prepared. Great bargain!

Tarek A. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

Excellent service. Received the tickets and were able to validate them once we arrived to the train station.

Jonathan N. - Feb 18 2020 - 5/5

We did not buy the train passes but received a SIM card and Suica cards. With those products we were able to navigate the trains and get around and use data whenever we needed. It helped a lot and it beats the prices (data) than the ones found at the airport. Thanks, Japan Rail Pass!

Alison R. - Feb 17 2020 - 5/5

Thank you for a quick and easy pass. The website made it very easy to do my research and ultimately complete my order. My pass arrived right away and made for a great trip.

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