teamLab Borderless


The teamLab collective has been very successful since the beginning thanks to their very creative use of the video mapping technique. Nowadays, their art is recognised worldwide and attracts many curious people. We invite you to discover the Japanese interpretation of digital art in all its potential.

The teamLab collective

The teamLab collective is a diverse group of artists formed in 2001 consisting of programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. Their project: to create interactive artworks, bringing together different disciplines, particularly video mapping, and inspired by the elements of nature, its movements and evolutions.

First permanent exhibition

Located in Odaiba, Tokyo, the Mori Building Digital Art Museum has been home to teamLab's first permanent exhibition "Borderless" since 2018. The first of its kind, the museum has been an instant success both domestically and internationally, and to date has welcomed nearly 2.3 million visitors from 160 different countries. A space of 10,000 m2 and 400 projectors are all it takes for the teamLab collective to unleash their creativity. 

teamLab Borderless

Flowers and butterflies spontaneously forming around you, a cascade of multicoloured light flowing from the ceiling and invading the room, mirrors with infinite reflections, light sculptures and... apps to interact with them! That's what you can expect when you go to this museum. Another reason for the great success of teamLab Borderless is that the exhibition exploits themes and motifs inspired by classical art and Japanese folklore, like screen paintings, calligraphy, traditional music, fables and legends, etc., and reinterprets them tastefully and intelligently through the prism of technology and the freedom it provides.

The founder of teamLab, Toshi Inoko, stated in a 2018 interview "I want to create a universe that interacts with the visitors, I would like the visitor to feel that their whole body is interacting with the works when they walk through this space. A highly playful and interactive experience and one that will change your view of art.

EN Tea House

Your ticket includes entry to the teamLab-designed En Tea House, a very special tea house where bright flowers bloom in your tea as you drink it. The tea used comes from the Hizen region, where it has been produced using natural methods and in accordance with the tradition of tea growing. 

Practical advice

Wear flat shoes, preferably trainers. You will have to walk on sloping or unstable surfaces (swings, nets, cushions, etc.)

Leave your bags and coats in the cloakroom so that they do not get in the way. But keep your phone or camera. Download the teamLab application, which will allow you to get information about the works while you are "inside", and also to play with some installations by sending signals with your phone.

There is no predetermined route through the exhibition. Do it in no particular order, get lost and return to the rooms several times if you feel like it. But if you have children, be careful not to lose them.

You should allow at least 3 hours, preferably right from the start, so that you can enjoy the exhibition with as few people as possible.

(teamLab is represented by Pace Gallery)


teamLab Borderless

$40 per person
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