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Once you have your Japan Rail Pass, you can use it in the JR trains (except the Nozomi and Mizuho shinkansen) during the period of validity.

What is a JR train ?
A JR train is a train operating by the JR company. It can be a shinkansen bullet train (for exemple between Tokyo and Kyoto or Tokyo and Kanazawa), a limited express train (for exemple between Toyama and Takayama), an express train, a rapid or a local train

Itinerary in Japan with a Japan Rail Pass

Check with Hyperdia
You can find the train times schedule corresponding to your journey on Hyperdia. Please note that in Japan there also private lines not covered by the Japan Rail Pass. If you want to check you can also use Hyperdia.

Enter the station of departure and the station of arrival of your trip and uncheck the box « Private Railway « .

Itinerary in Japan with a Japan Rail Pass
Our Travel Guide "Japan by Train »  can also be very useful. Its detailed rail itineraries cover every major journey across Japan, from the northern tip of Hokkaido to the waterfalls and volcanoes of southern Kyushu. as we detailed all frequent routes.

Itinerary in Japan with a Japan Rail Pass
As a conclusion please note that some trains can be very busy during rush hour and holidays (New year, Golden Week, Obon Festival). it is best to do some seat reservations.
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