How can I cancel my Japan Rail Pass?

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After purchase, it is possible to cancel your Japan Rail Pass under certain conditions. Please find below the details of the cancellation procedure.

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Until when can I cancel my Japan Rail Pass?

If your voucher has not been exchanged, your Japan Rail Pass can be canceled within one year of the purchase date. 

How do I request a CANCELLATION?

In order to get your Japan Rail Pass canceled, you need to send your unused voucher to one of our offices below preferably by registered mail or any secured transportation way such as FedEx):

Japan Experience
22 Bloomsbury Square,
WC1A 2NS - London

Japan Experience
100 W Broadway,
Suite 3000
Long Beach,
CA 90802

Japan Experience
30 rue Sainte Anne
75 001

Once we receive your ticket, you will be reimbursed, less the cancellation fee and you will receive an email confirming the cancellation. Please note that the refund can take between 2 and 4 weeks.

How much does the cancellation costs?

The cancellation cost is 15% of your order (excluding shipping charges). Please note that if you have purchased the Japan Rail Pass Assistance service, the cancelation fee is automatically waived.

Please note that if your voucher has already been exchanged for the Japan Rail Pass and / or you have already used it to take the train, a refund will no longer be possible.
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