How Does the SIM Card Work?

SIm card

is my mobile phone compatible?

The SIM Card is compatible with iPhone, IPad and Android phones.
List of other compatible devices : https://tr.iijmio.jp/dv/

Caution: Your phone must be unlocked. If you do not know whether or not it is unlocked, please contact your service provider ahead of time to check.

what is the internet speed? Will i have unlimited access?

There is no speed limitation. It is based on the best effort theoretical maximum speed.

The maximum usable period of this product is for 8, 16 days or 31 days from the following day of your first access to the network.

Please notice that due to the network provider's fair usage policy, if you use a large amount of data within a short period (data limit of 10 GB within 2 days), the internet speed may slow down temporarily.

can i make or receive calls with the sim card?

No, this is a data-only SIM card. In other words, you will not be able to send or receive any calls.

how do i activate the sim card?

After inserting the SIM card into your phone, it needs to be configured before you can use it.

Read the Activation guide here

which service provider does the card use?

The SIM card uses the Docomo network.

can i use the sim card outside of japan?

No, the SIM card will only work in Japan.

can i choose how many/which days i use the card?

The SIM card is available for a period of 8, 16 or 31 consecutive days. This period of use starts upon activation of the SIM card in your phone.

Can i cancel my order ?

The SIM card is refundable if it has never been used and its packaging is intact. It must be returned within one month of the purchase date. There is a 10% cancellation fee.
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