Can I use my Japan Rail Pass from the airport?


Yes, of course. Your pass is valid on the JR lines linking the main airports to the main cities.

Using Japan Rail Pass from the airport

First, you need to exchange your voucher for the Japan Rail Pass at the airport.

You will be able to activate your Japan Rail Pass in the dedicated offices at the airport.The JR travel service centers or ticket offices are both usually located near to the access to the platforms.

Reaching the city with your Japan Rail Pass.

Most airports are linked to the closest main cities by JR lines. For example, the Narita Express that links Narita Airport to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stations, the Tokyo Monorail, that links Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station or the limited express Haruka that links Kansai International Airport to Osaka or Kyoto.

However if you land at Fukuoka airport or Nagoya (Central Japan International Airport or Chubu Airport), you will have to reach the nearest station to exchange your Japan Rail Pass :

- From the airport of Fukuoka, JR Hakata Station is five minutes from the metro.

- From Chubu Airport, you will need to take the Meitetsu train to Nagoya Station, a 28-minute train ride. Note that if you are looking up timetables on Hyperdia, Chubu Airport's station name is Central Japan International Airport and the Meitetsu area of Nagoya Station is listed as Meitetsunagoya. Once you have arrived at Meitetsu Nagoya, the JR Station is just next door!

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