What type of Japan Rail Pass is the best suited for my trip?

types of JRP

Depending on the duration of your stay in Japan and the places you wish to visit, several types of pass are available. Below, our advice for an informed choice.
Types of JRP

The different Japan Rail Pass

As the Japan Rail Pass can only be used for consecutive days from the starting date of use and throughout its period of validity, it is very important to match your itinerary, schedule and your Japan Rail Pass.Three types of Japan Rail Pass are available to the travelers: the 7 day pass, the 14 day pass and the 21 day pass.

The 7 day Japan Rail Pass

If you stay in Japan for a week and are planning to move around a lot then a 7 days Japan Rail Pass is ideal. For your trip you could:
  • Make Tokyo or Kyoto your base and organize daytrips from there (from Kyoto it is very nice to spend a day in Nara or Miyajima for instance) 
  • Organize your own itinerary and change city everyday

The 14 day Japan Rail Pass

If you are lucky enough to stay in Japan for more than 10 days you can buy a 14 days pass Japan Rail Pass and organize your trip alternating visits and relaxing days.

The 21 day Japan Rail Pass

If you are staying in Japan for more than 2 weeks, it is very economical to get the 21 day Japan Rail Pass and will allow you to enjoy Japan at a leisurely pace.

Don’t forget that there are also regional rail passes that can complete the national one and will allow you to fully enjoy a specific region.
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