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Definition of cookies :

A cookie is a tracer file which is likely to be registered on your computer or other device during your navigation on our website.

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What types of cookies do we use?

Our website is using two general types of cookies:

1. Cookies that we use on our website

Cookies that we use on our website have following purposes:

Cookies necessary to the website operating: to enable the good work of our website. These cookies are consequently necessary for the navigation on our website and to implement security measures, for instance for identification on website purpose,

User preferences cookies: to adapt our website presentation to the preference of your device (namely for display preferences),

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User session cookies: to recognize you when you come back on our website in order to enable you to find your personalized contents again (shopping basket, subscribed services, etc.), to enable you to access to your customer accounts.

2. Third parties cookies

Due to third parties applications implemented on our website, some cookies mays be issued by third parties when you are using on www.japan-rail-pass.com

Third parties cookies are not set by JAPAN RAIL PASS but by third parties which act on their behalf. We do not have control over these cookies. Their issue and their use are subject to corresponding third party cookies policies.

Third parties cookies are namely:

Advertising cookies:

They aim to personalize and/or improve contents and the navigation by offering services of other internet websites that may be of interest to you. All collected information is anonymized.

Social networks sharing cookies:

Our website is likely to include software applications from third parties in order to enable you to share content through social networks as Google+, Facebook and Twitter using their official buttons "Share" or "I like".

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These social networks set their own cookies that we do not control. These websites have their own cookies policies policy which is available on their website. You have to consider the content of these cookies carefully in order to ensure that they are appropriate to your expectations.

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