Anecdotes sur les chemins de fer du Japon

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Voyager au Japon en train

Quelle est la plus longue ligne de chemin de fer du Japon ? Quelle gare est la plus haute ? Apprenez des anecdotes fascinantes sur les incroyables chemins de fer japonais !

  • What is Japan's longest Train line?

Japan's longest train line in the Sanyo main line, which runs from Kyoto Prefecture to Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The Sanyo main line is the longest line in Japan at 673.8 kilometers long. This line wins on a technicality: in 2010 the Tohoku Shinkansen opened and runs for 739.2 kilometers, but one section of this line (from Morioka to Aomori) is run by a non-JR operator, so it's disqualified!

  • Which train line runs the closest to the sea?

The section of the Shinetsu Line that runs near Omigawa Station in Niigata goes the closest to the sea!

Did you know: A lot promotional items and posters that use pictures of a railway running by the sea do not use pictures of the Shinetsu Line. Shimonada Station in Shikoku is used for these purposes, but it's not the closest, because there's a road in between the tracks and the sea!



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  • What is the highest train station?

Nobeyama Station in Nagano is the highest train station at 1345 meters.

This title of highest station does not include ropeways or trolleys!

  • How late at night does the latest train run?

The latest running train in Japan is on the Takasaki Line, running from Ueno Station to Takasaki Station.

On New Year's Eve, many trains across the country have a special all-night schedule, but this last train arrives in Takasaki Station at 1:37 am on its normal schedule!



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