How to go from Kanazawa to Kyoto ?

Along the northern coast of Japan before heading south along Lake Biwa


The Limited Express Thunderbird trains which operate very frequently (22 trains/ day between Kanazawa and Kyoto) on this route connect Kanazawa with the Kansai Region and are a vital link for both business and leisure travelers. This route follows the northern coast of Japan, before heading south along Lake Biwa to Kyoto. One of the ten best views by train in Japan !

0 KM - Kanazawa STATION

28KM - 0h16 - KOMATSU
The city that gave us the Komatsu multinational corporation, the world's largest producer of industrial equipment, founded in 1917.

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
42 KM -0H24 - KAGA onsenDiscovered by a monk 1300 years ago, the onsen in this district are very highly rated. Instead of each inn having its own bath, there are communal baths in the center of the town.

59 km - 0h35 - AWARA ONSEN
Another hot spring town with many different types of accomodation, from traditionnal inns to modern hotels.

77 KM - 0H43 - FUKUIFukui City ( see below) is home to the only harp producer in Japan and if you head an hour by car to the east, you can find the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, the best in Japan.
Fukui castle
90 km -0h17 - sabaeAs the centre of spectacle production in Japan, you can visit the Megane ( Eyeglss) Musuem.

96 km - 0h53 - TAKEFUA town that used to be the heart of cutlery production for Japan, there is still a large industry specialising in knife making.

131 km - 1h18 - Tsuruga
The last major junction before the train heads down the west shore of Lake Biwa. If you suddenly need to divert to Nagoya, here is where you should change. Most trains make no more stops until hitting Kyoto.
225 km - 2H13 - kyoto
discover fukui
What to see in Nagoya ?

What to see ?

Fukui Castle was built in 1606 by Yuki Hideyasu.  It was almost totally destroyed by United States Army Air Forces firebombing during WWII and today only ruins remain. You can also see a relic of the aptly named  "Fukunoi" ( good luck well) that gave its name to Fukui. The Castle is a 5-minute walk from JR Fukui Station.
Eiheiji Temple lies 19 km (12 miles) east of Fukui. Founded in 1244 the large complex of 70 buildings is spread out aver a hillside. It offers a rare glimpse of the daily practice of the monk in Zen training (daily 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., except during festivals and ceremonies, 500). To get to the temple, take the private Echizen Railway from outside the east exit of the JR Fukui Station. Take the train as far as Eiheiji-guchi ( 2/hour, 24 min, ¥ 450), then take the Keifuku bus to Eihei-ji (6-8/day, 15 min, ¥410)

Where to stay in Nagoya

Where to Stay ?

1-24 Sanaicho, Fukui, 918-8002
Tel : 07-7636-3418 / www.hotel-suzuya.com
As its name suggests, a riverside ryokan with reasonable prices and enthusiastic staff.

2-1-14 Ote, Fukui, 910-0005
Tel : 07-7630-2130 / www.route-inn.co.jp/search/hotel/index_hotel_id_532
A well-rated hotel one minute from the station

Where to eat in Nagoya ?

Where to eat ?

From the west exit of Fukui Station, continue down Chuo O-dori, then turn right at the second traffic light onto Phoenix-dori. The restaurant is past the Shiyakushomae tram stop, on the left.
Open daily, from 6 p.m. until there are sold out, closed on either Sundays or Mondays
Tel : 07-7629-1551 
A really popular and highly rated restaurant vry close to Fukui Station that serves homemade Japanese comfort food. 

From the west exit of Fukui Station, continue down Chuo O-dori,then turn right at the second traffic light onto Phoenix-dori. The restaurant is on the left, just before the next main intersection of Sakura-dori.
Open 5 p.m to 11 p.m, closed Sundays
Tel : 07-7623-8914 
If you are traveling to Fukui during the winter months, tasting locally caught crab is a must. Kappo Takeshi is famous for its crab and also for its off-season menu.

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