The Himi Line

Between Takaoka and Himi

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Himi Line with a Japan Rail Pass
The Himi line is a 16,5 km line between Takaoka station and Himi station in Toyama prefecture. It is operated by JR West and covered by the Japan Rail Pass and the Hokuriku Arch Pass.

The view is spectacular as the train ride along the sea between Amaharashi Station and Himi Station.On the other side of the bay, you can see in clear day the mountain range. Himi's sunrise has been named as one of Japan's top 100 sunrises !

Takaoka station is 5 minutes from Shin-Takaoka on the Hokuriku Shinkansen
This train is known because the exterior and the interior are decorated with manga drawings, the Ninja-hattori-kun manga.

Indeed Motoo Abiko, the manga artist, is born in Himi city.

The inside of the train features also illustrations of the Great Buddha of Takaoka, the Nami Tulip Fair, the world heritage village of Gokayama, the Tateyama Alps and other sightseeing spots of Toyama Prefecture.

This train runs along the Johana Line between Takaoka and Johana. 

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