The Graceful Super Express Romance Car

Odakyu Line


The new Romance Car for Hakone
The Odakyu Electric Railway revealed at the end of 2017 its new limited express train. From march 2018, the Graceful Super Express Train will welcome passengers between Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto. As it is operated by a private company, this journey is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass

The train will have 400 passenger seats including 16 seats in the observation saloon, will offer wifi and racks and under-seat storage for the luggages. The interior is very bright thanks to many lights !
The lake Ashi in Hakone
history of the Romance car
The first romance car was introduced in 1957 with its orange traditional color. 
Now we can find : 
- the Train 60000 MSE with its blue color (introduced in March 2008)
- the white Train 5000 VSE (introduced in march 2005)
- the Train 30000 EXE (with its 10 cars for the commuting business people (introduced in 1996)
- The train 7000 LSE ( introduced in 1981)

The Romance car type 5000 and 7000 had already observation deck seats in the front or in the back.

The Romance Car Interior ( Tokyo - Hakone)
About the romance car GSEIt is a direct train between Shinjuku Station and Hakone. With a romance car you will reach the famous place for its mountains, onsen and museums in around 1h40.

All seats must be reserved. You will have to purchase a ticket and a limited express ticket.  The Limited Express tickets are available at the Odakyu Ticket offices or at the machine on the Odakyu Train Platforms.

You can also buy a Hakone Free Pass and pay an additional fare. The Pass is a discount excursion train ticket that allows you also to get on and off freely in Hakone, as well as providing discount admission to various attractions in the area.


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