Sakura Views from the Train

Cherry Blossom Season with a Japan Rail Pass

Enjoying The hanami

Train travel is one of the most efficient and comfortable ways of traveling through Japan. If you're planning your trip for cherry blossom season, which goes from mid-March to mid-April depending on the region, you can make the most of your travel time right from your seat with these stunning views from the windows of your train.

Shikoku Region - Yosan Line

Best sakura views Yosan line in Shikoku
One of Shikoku’s most picturesque train lines, featuring beautiful cherry blossoms, dramatic views of the ocean, and the bucolic countryside of rural Japan. This is a great place to go if your spring break is early, in mid- to late-March; the sakura bloom early in the south!

Kansai Region - Sagano Scenic Railway

Best Sakura views Sagano line in Kyoto
Kyoto in full bloom is one of the classics. Every temple you visit will be at its most picturesque, but on your way to the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, you might consider taking the Sagano Scenic Railway for a view of natural Kyoto.

Tokai Region - Oigawa Railway

Best Sakura views Oigawa railways in Tokai region
The Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture is a great detour to take if you’re passing through, either to see Mt. Fuji or visit some hot springs. Many of the train tracks are lined with cherry trees, but you can also stop at Ieyama Station, from which a “cherry blossom tunnel” is just a short walk away!

Kanto Region - Mooka Railway

Best Sakura views Mooka railways in Kanto region
The Mooka Railway runs between Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures, just north of Tokyo. This railway line is famous for the stunning views of light pink cherry blossoms trees contrasting with the bright yellow of nanohana fields.

Tohoku Region - Tsugaru Railway

Best Sakura view Tsugaru line in Tohoku region
If your trip to Japan isn’t until mid- to late-April, you can still see the cherry blossoms! This railway runs through Aomori Prefecture, the northern-most prefecture in main island Japan, so the trees up here are definitely late bloomers. Take a trip through the shady, tree-lined tracks of the Tsugaru Railway for some incredible northern blooms.

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