The Mickey Mouse Shinkansen

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TRAVEL in Kyushu in a mickey mouse shinkansen

Shinkansen Mickey Mouse between Fukuoka and Kagoshima
Since May 2019 and until late november 2019, you can ride a special 800 shinkansen between Fukuoka (Hakata Station) and Kagoshima Chuo : a Mickey Mouse Shinkansen.

In Japan, trains often put the spotlight on anime : 
- The Pokemon train in Tohoku
- The Hello Kitty Shinkansen
- The Evangelion Shinkansen

Learn more about the Kyushu Shinkansen.

Kyushu shinkansen with a Japan Rail Pass
This shinkansen nickname is the "JR Kyushu Waku Waku Trip Shinkansen". Each of the train’s six cars is decorated with illustrations of Mickey Mouse enjoying a summertime trip, watermelon and local onsen. 

One of the Limited Express Sonic Train will also be decorated. 

How to ride the Mickey Mouse shinkansen ? 

This shinkansen is covered by the Japan Rail Pass.
JR Kyushu announced the train schedule each month in a dedicated website. You can check before your trip on this website : https://www.jrkyushu-wakuwaku.jp

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