The Shinkansen N700S

The new shinkansen model

supreme shinkansen

The new Shinkansen N700S
The N700S is the 6th generation model based on the N700 series. It will debut in 2020 on the main Shinkansen line in Japan, the Tokaido Shinkansen Line between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

The S suffixe represents the word « Supreme » as the JR Central Railway says the train are intended to be the best of the N700 series.

JR Central just announced that 5 models will be ready just before the Tokyo Olympics and replace the oldest N700. The plan is to introduce 40 N700S by fiscal 2022.
A shinkansen in Kyoto station
What ’s new ?- All seats will have power outlet for mobile device,
- The front will have a more angular look which makes it appear less streamlined,
-The reclining seat are designed so that the back rest and the seat move In tandem for greater comfort,
- The number of security cameras inside the train will increase.

shinkansen interrior
The N700 series is operating on the Tokaido Line and the Sanyo Line with the Nozomi, Hikari, Kodama train.

In 2013, the N700A series was launched, with a A suffixe which means Advanced.

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