The Best Winter Views by Rail

wintertime scenery on japanese trains

Some parts of Japan can get pretty chilly over the winter months, but it's still an opportune season to travel the country. Japan has some of the world's best skiing, photogenic snow monkeys warming up in steamy hot springs, and so much more. These train lines have stunning views of snow-covered fields and soaring, icy mountains, poetic wintery seaside vistas, and the stark contrast of bold train colors against the stark white snow.

sōya main line - hokkaido

Amazing winter view by train : Sôya line in Hokkaido
This nothernmost train line runs through Hokkaido, from Asahikawa to Wakkanai, the last stop in Japan.

View the vast expanses of snow from the warmth and comfort of your window seat!

gono line - aomori

Amazing winter view by train: Gono line in Aomori
The Gono Line runs from Akita to Aomori, the northernmost prefecture on the main island oh Honshu.

This line boasts stunning views of the Sea of Japan. It's also one of our top ten all time best train views!

akita nairiku line - akita

Amazing winter view by train : Akita nairiku line
This line was recently featured in travel blogs for its scenic, winding journey through hills and valleys, crossing rivers, bridges, and mountains.

They also have a special, monthly train during winter where you can sample local, home-cooked meals right from your seat!

hokuetsu express - niigata

Amazing winter view: Hokuetsu Express in Niigata
The Hokuetsu Express runs through Niigata Prefecture, where you can catch great views of the beautiful Mount Hakkai and the famous Shinano River, on your way to go skiing and snowboarding.

yonesaka line - yamagata

Amazing winter view by train : Yonesaka line in Yamagata
The Yonesaka Line runs through eastern Japan, between Yamagata and Niigata Prefectures. 

Their red trains look beautiful against the white snow of the Tohoku Region.
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