The JR Yamanote Line

Shibuya Station to Shin-Okubo Station

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The Yamanote Line is the best-known and most convenient JR line in Tokyo. It makes a rectangular loop around the city,  stopping at 29 stations.  All stations are announced in English and there are digital signboards in each compartment. Over three and a half million passengers ride the Yamanote Line each day.

14 km - shibuya station

This is a vibrant shopping and nightlife area and is home to more than a dozen department stores, including the Hikarie complex, which opened in 2012 and offers a theatre, restaurants, art galleries, and a shopping mall. Do not miss the lights changing at Shibuya Crossing, reported to be Japan's busiest crossing, nicknamed the "Times Square of Tokyo."

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15.2 km - harajuku station

Yoyogi Park is opposite the station. The park is home to Meiji Jingu Shrine, opened in 1920 in honor of Emperor and Empress Meiji. The shrine is divded into the inner and outer gardens. In late May/June, you can see the blooming iris garden (inner garden, open daily sunrise to sunset, free).

Harajuku is also a trendy shopping area (notably Omote Sando Avenue), with plenty of restaurants, cafés, and alternative clothing and music stores.

16.7 km - yoyogi station

Yoyogi Park is next to the station and stands on the site from where the first successful powered aircraft flight in Japan took place. The park was created in 1967. The park is very popular, particularly on Sundays, and in Spring when thousands of people flock here to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

17.4 km - shinjuku station

Considered the busiest station in the world. Head out of the West Exit to reach the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo's city hall, comprised of three buildings. From the 45th floor of TMG no. 1, visitors can get spectacular views from the north and south towers (open daily, 9:30 am - 10:30 pm free). You can also find the Tokyo Tourist Information Center on the first floor (daily, 10 am - 6:30 pm).

North-east of Shinjuku Station is an area called Kabuki-cho, which has the craziest nightlife in Tokyo, with many strip clubs, massage parlors, adult stores, bars, and restaurants. The area is quite safe and attracts a mix of business men and students.

18.7 km - shin-okubo station

This station is situated in the Okubo district, in the center of Koreatown, which developed after World War II. The main street of Koreatown is Okubo-Dori, which is lined with mostly Korean, as well as Thai and Chinese, shops and restaurants.

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