JRP Assistance

A Japan Rail Pass exclusive, for train travel in total safety

what is JRP Assistance?

The JRP Assistance service is available to anyone buying a Japan Rail Pass ticket on the Japan-Rail-Pass.com website or the Japan Experience website.

For only £18/€20/$23, benefit from the exclusive JRP Assistance service, which gives you unlimited access to a telephone helpline in Japan from 8am to 8pm, for any questions, advice or help with your train travel in Japan .

It also allows you to be fully refunded for your Japan Rail Pass in case you need to cancel your order. (Please note that if your voucher has already been exchanged for the Japan Rail Pass and / or you have already used it to take the train, a refund will no longer be possible.)

This service, available in English, is valid for the entire time that your Japan Rail Pass is valid.

This service is not provided by JR (Japan Railways) and is independent from JR. 
For any inquiry, please contact Japan Experience with the number provided in your email confirmation.


benefits for you


  • Lost in a big station in Japan? No more trains running late at night?
  • Can't make yourself understood by a Japanese JR employee?
With a simple phone call (charged at the local rate), JRP Assistance will put you directly in touch with a fully bilingual advisor based in Kyoto, who will give you concrete answers to help to find a solution for you.


  • Need an itinerary to reach a small town where you've booked a hotel? 
  • Want to know which station to get off at in Tokyo if you are arriving by Shinkansen?
With JRP Assistance you can benefit from expert advice on trains in Japan, with many itineraries in Japan tested regularly.


  • Want to know how much it costs to book an overnight train? 
  • Want to check train times when you don't have internet access?
In just a few minutes JRP Assistance can provide answers to the most common questions about train times, on how to use your Japan Rail Pass or the price of certain tickets for private train companies.

how does it work?


When you buy your Japan Rail Pass ticket, select the JRP Assistance option.


Once you have confirmed your JRP Assistance option, you will receive an email containing your subscriber number, the hotline number, and the terms of use. Our JRP Assistance advisors based in Japan can also answer by email before you arrive in Japan.


Once in Japan, you just dial the telephone number, provide the operator with your subscriber number, and we will do our very best to answer your question. This assistance service is also available by email.

JRP Assistance, traveling by train without a worry.

Note that the JRP Assistance can not be refunded.

why we offer this service

Japan Experience, the leading Japan Rail Pass distributor in Europe

Japan Rail Pass is a service from Japan Experience. Japan Experience is the leading travel agency specialising in Japan, and was founded 32 years ago.We have developed our expertise in train itineraries and tours thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our advisors who specialise in Japan, as well as the extensive accumulated experience of the thousands of people who travel with us every year.

A Franco-Japanese team in Kyoto 

Japan Experience is the only European travel agency to benefit from a local office in Kyoto, with 4 advisers who are fluent in Japanese, French and English.This team has travelled frequently in Japan and is able to answer all your questions about trains in Japan during your stay.

discover Jrp assistance


The JRP Assistance offer is a world exclusive from Japan Experience, the only company to offer this assistance service to train travellers in Japan.