Activities in Japan

Enrich your stay in Japan with unforgettable experiences thanks to our activities.

Discover the secrets of the feudal lords and their samurai in Matsumoto Castle, try Zazen meditation in a temple, relax with a shiatsu massage in one of Kyoto's machiya, watch sumo wrestling or explore the primary forest of Yakushima Island!

We have over 100 activities from Hokkaido to Okinawa, which will appeal to young and old, those who are interested in Japanese culture, nature lovers, as well as those looking for unusual experiences.

You can learn all about Shinto, dry gardens, or great contemporary architects, or go canoeing on one of Mount Fuji's five lakes, or even go deep into the jungle at Iriomote.

You can visit the best museums, attend exhibitions or cultural performances, discover the secrets of Japanese crafts and cuisine, the hidden life of the big cities, pop culture or everyday life in the countryside. Whatever the reason you may have for visiting Japan, you will find something to satisfy your curiosity.

For a reasonable price, you can be accompanied by our local English-speaking guides on a tailor-made private tour, or join a group and get to know other travellers.

All our activities have been carefully selected and designed by our team of professionals in Japan. Each one of our guides and local experts will share with you their knowledge and passion for Japan.

Far from the tourist clichés, you will discover an authentic, fascinating Japan, often inaccessible to the less experienced.

Activity of the month: The art of Bonsai

On this activity, you will have the chance to learn all about bonsai in an authentic environmen Head to Shunka-en in Tokyo's Edogawa district, a bonsai garden museum founded by Kunio Kobayashi, a 30-year old award-winning bonsai master who is committed to spreading bonsai culture around the world, in part through his many apprentices from around the world.

Bonsai trees convey the idea of ​​wabi-sabi