Shodo, Japanese calligraphy

More than just a writing session, Japanese calligraphy is a whole experience. Discover its secrets in a traditional, authentic setting.

The art of Japanese calligraphy

 They say that the smell of ink on paper soothes the mind. This is certainly the case in an age when we only write on computers. The art of Japanese calligraphy is of course the search for beauty, but also for unity between the body and the mind, the brain and your hand. They say that calligraphy can determine a person's personality or emotional state, but the Japanese also believe the opposite: that applying oneself to writing allows one to find peace of mind and a sense of purpose.

"Kanji", the Japanese ideograms

 Japanese writing is complex, consisting of 2 syllables of 46 signs each, and several thousand ideograms borrowed from Chinese, which, like small hieroglyphs, each translate a thing, a concept. These are the ideograms (called "kanji") that you will practice drawing during the calligraphy course.

Japanese calligraphy course in a traditional house in Kyoto

 Your teacher will instruct you in the use of ink and brushes, and you will learn the posture, rhythm and order of drawing kanji.  In a traditional Japanese atmosphere, the secrets of calligraphy will be revealed to you for about 1 hour.


Shodo, Japanese calligraphy

49 € per person