Katsura Imperial Villa

An architectural masterpiece in terms of both architecture and gardens, Katsura Town is one of the places not to be missed in Kyoto.


One of the finest examples of Japanese garden and architecture

The Katsura Villa, completed in 1645 to be the residence of the Katsura family, members of the imperial family, has outstanding architectural value, and has been studied by architects worldwide. The Katsura estate, a resort, covers an area of about 58,000 square metres, and consists of a main residence, several tea pavilions, a mausoleum, and numerous bridges and paved paths winding through the gardens.

A source of inspiration for many architects

Burno Taut, a 20th century German architect and urban planner, describes the villa as "an example of classical architecture, a timeless monument". "It is an example of practical architecture. No matter how you look at the villa, the integration of the individual parts into the entire structure is perfect. The aim was to create a habitat for a life that was not so different from everyday life, to develop a style of the highest level of refinement and to clearly express a philosophy of life. Katsura's villa is like a celestial seamless garment, as the various threads that make it up are so tightly woven."

Many publications have been written about it. Kenzo Tange, a Japanese architect with an international style, is also inspired by Katsura Villa.

Located in the western part of Kyoto, a 15-minute walk from Katsura Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. Open to visitors by reservation only.


Katsura Imperial Villa

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