Ryogoku Station 両国駅

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Ryogoku Station on the JR Sobu Line serves the Ryogoku (sumo) district on the east bank of the Sumida River, in Tokyo's Sumida ward.

Ryogoku Station is in the east Tokyo district of Ryogoku, which is best known for being the heartland of Japanese sumo wrestling.

Ryogoku Station is on the above-ground JR Sobu Line. The code name for this station is "JB 21."

Ryogoku Station has only two exits: an East Exit and the main West Exit. The concourse of the West Exit of Ryogoku Station is dominated by huge photographs of famous sumo wrestlers, leaving you in no doubt that you have truly arrived in Ryogoku. Further reassurance that you've come to the right place is to be had in the form of yukata-clad sumo wrestlers in and around the station, from surrounding sumo stables.

West Exit concourse, Ryogoku Station, Tokyo

West Exit concourse, Ryogoku Station, Tokyo

The Kyu-Yasuda Tei Garden is 3 minutes walk north from the West Exit, just past the Kokugikan stadium. At the north-west corner of the garden is the Japanese Sword Museum - a five-minute walk from the West Exit.

The Ryogoku Indoor Swimming Pool is just north of the Edo Tokyo Museum - a 7-minute walk from the East Exit.

Read more about Ryogoku.

Asakusabashi Station (not to be confused with the popular tourist destination that is Asakusa Station) is one stop west on the JR Sobu Line, just across the Sumida River. Two stops west is Akihabara Station, where you can transfer to the Yamanote Line that loops around Tokyo.

Sumo banners at Kokugikan close to Ryogoku Station, Tokyo

Sumo banners at Kokugikan close to Ryogoku Station, Tokyo

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