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Japan Subway Systems: How to get around in Tokyo

Read information on navigating Tokyo along with the various Tokyo subway tickets available including Pasmo and Suica IC cards, one-day tickets and special tickets for foreign visitors.

How to get around by metro in Tokyo

First of all, it is important to learn about the geography of the city, to better understand the simplified metro map. All stations are written in both Japanese and English. Each station is also designated by a round circle in the color of the line, surrounding the initial of the name of the line used as well as the number of the station.

Example: C03 - Meiji-Jingumae, indicates that Meiji-Jingumae station is the "3rd station" of the "Chiyoda sen" subway line.

Practical information: Tokyo metro map, to consult and download.

Finally, if on a map, the distances seem reasonable, this is often misleading given the size of the city... This explains why the metro is so useful!

In Tokyo, it is often advisable to stay near the JR Yamanote line, which is one of the most convenient on the network. Circular, it covers and connects the key areas of the city, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, Ikebukuro etc. It is also very reasonable and can be used free of charge by holders of an activated JR Pass.

Discover all our practical advice for the JR Pass and the train in Japan

Tokyo Subway

Tokyo Subway

Photo by Liam Burnett-Blue on Unsplash

Suica and Pasmo prepaid cards

If you plan to stay in Tokyo for a while (more than a few days), we recommend you to get a rechargeable PASMO or SUICA prepaid card. Available on our website, these small chip cards will save you time and make your travel easier.

To use them, you just have to load money on them, via an automatic terminal (the same as for buying tickets). Place your card in the designated area on the terminal, then choose "Charge IC card", then select the amount you want to put on the card. 

Good to know: you can only reload with cash!


Carte Suica validée sur borne

©タチヤマカムイ, Wikimedia Commons

The transport prepayment card, essential for any trip to Japan!

The transport prepayment card, essential for any trip to Japan!

©Nattaphat Saysuwan / 123RF




Pasmo cards can be used all over Japan

Pasmo cards can be used all over Japan

©Japan Visitor

Metro Map

Map of the Tokyo train system.


Tokyo Subway App

The Tokyo Subway Navigation App can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Android App is available on Google Play. The App provides information on routes, times and fares for Tokyo's subways. Just enter the subway station you are departing from and your destination. The time, number of transfers and the fare are displayed.

One Day Open Tickets

The Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket is priced 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. It is valid on all Tokyo metro lines for 24 hours from the time the ticket is used. There are same-day tickets which must be used on the day of purchase and advance tickets which must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Individus circulant sur le quai avec métro de Tokyo à l'arrêt

©Hong feng, Unsplash

1- 2- or 3-Day Tokyo Subway Passes For Foreign Visitors

The Tokyo subway lines offer limited-time passes that cover all lines, both Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. There are three passes available: 24-Hour, 48-Hour, and 72-Hour.

The 24-Hour Tokyo Subway Ticket costs 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for 11 years old or under, and will save you money if you get on and off a subway train at least five times in 24 hours.

Tokyo underground map

Tokyo underground map

©TFurban, Flickr

Get a SUICA card to use Tokyo Subway smoothly

  • Included : Can be used as an electronic wallet, Pre-charged and ready to use, Valid in Tokyo and other major cities

Discover the Pasmo Card

  • Included : Pre-charged and ready to use, Can be used as an electronic wallet, Valid in Tokyo and other major cities

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