How to go from Kushiro to Sapporo ?

  • Published on : 14/02/2018
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With a Japan Rail Pass

The route between Kushiro and Sapporo is covered by the beautiful blue, green and red Super Ozora Limited Express Train.

0 KM - KUSHIRO station

104 KM - 1H15 - IKEDA station

Known locally for its wine and dairy products. You can sample the local wine at Ikeda Wine Castle. You can also walkalong the fields to Happiness Dairy, to sample some local ice cream.

128 km - 1H35 - OBIHIRO station

In Obihiro area enjoy a bath in Tokachi-onsen hot springs and visit the beautiful lake Shikaribetsu.

Shikaribetsu, Hokkaido

Shikaribetsu, Hokkaido

©Sharon Ang, pixabay

172 km  - 2H05 - SHINTOKU station

You will need to change here to continue the journey to Asahikawa on a local train. The town is known for buckwheat soba (noodles).

307 km - 3H30 - MINAMI-CHITOSE

Change here to the New Chitose Airport Station, the JR Station for the New Chitose Airport.

352 KM - 4H - SAPPORO station



©Masaaki Komori, unsplash

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