Character Trains in Japan - Part 1

  • Published on : 26/06/2016
  • by : Japan Experience
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Japanese trains designed with anime, manga, and games

Five of Our Favorite Japanese Trains Decorated Inside and Out with Anime Characters. Explore Japanese Character Trains with Your Japan Rail Pass - Order Today!

  • Shikoku - Anpanman train

The Anpanman manga and stories have been running for 40 years and is one of the most well-known character in Japan! This colorful train crosses the Seto-Ohashi bridges between the main island and Shikoku island, a line that also happens to be one of our top 10 most beautiful train views.

  • Wakayama - The Tama Den

This train was designed after Station Master Tama-- a real cat who "runs" a local station in Wakayama, Kansai. If you're making a stop in Wakayama City on your way to Mount Koya or the beaches of Shirahama, the "Tama-Den" will be a memorable Japan train experience.



©tsuda,,CC BY-SA 2.0,

  • Kyushu - Kumamon train

The official mascot of Kumamoto, Kyushu, Kumamon has exploded in popularity all over Japan within the last two years. So popular that you don't even have to travel to Kumamoto to find Kumamon souvenirs!

You still have to visit Kumamoto to ride the Kumamon train though, a trip well worth taking, as it runs down the Hisatsu line, offering incredible views of the ocean.

  • Tohoku - Pokemon train

A perennial favorite, Pokemon has adorned all kinds of Japanese trains. The most recent runs through the Tohoku region in eastern Japan between Ichinoseki and Kesennuma.

This train is decorated with Pokémon both inside and out-- just look at the seats !



©Kanesue,,CC BY 2.0,

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