Chuo Line 中央本線

  • Published on : 09/03/2022
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The Chuo Main Line is a Japan Rail-operated railway line that goes between Tokyo and Nagoya, and is not to be confused with the Chuo Line (Rapid), which is the special section of the line that serves just the Tokyo area.


Work on what would become the Chuo Main Line began in 1889, and the line as far as Nagoya was completed in 1911. In the following decades eletrification work was carried out and completed in 1966.

Chuo Main Line: a Local Service

Although the Chuo Main Line goes from Tokyo to Nagoya, no one uses it to travel between these cities. It is used as a local service. For intercity transit, the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train is much faster and more convenient, especially if you are a visitor to Japan with a Japan Rail Pass.

Chuo Main Line Sections

No train on the Chuo Main Line makes the full, uninterrupted journey between Tokyo and Nagoya. Rather, there are five sections of the track, and you must change trains between each: Tokyo - Takao, Takao - Kofu, Kofu - Shiojiri, Shiojiri - Nakatsugawa, and Nakatsugawa - Nagoya.

Inside a Chuo Line train

Inside a Chuo Line train

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