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  • Published on : 26/06/2016
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What to do in an emergency while on a train

What to do in an emergency while traveling by train in Japan. Be safe and secure when you use your Japan Rail Pass.

Earthquakes and trains

Earthquakes can be quite unnerving at times, but rest assured that all trains in Japan are equipped with sensors that will stop the train in case of a high magnitude tremor. Depending on the situation, the train may continue on at a slower speed, or the train may need to stop for some time. Please stay on board unless specifically guided off the train by a crew member.
There will always be train crew on board to assist you, and they are well-practiced at dealing with these situations.



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Earthquakes while underground

If you are underground in a train station during an earthquake, know that it is actually safer to be underground than above, so don't try to run outside! It is best to protect your head with a bag and, if possible, seek shelter under something like a bench, and crouch to keep your balance. As mentioned above, trains might be delayed or cancelled, depending on the magnitude of the tremor.



If a typhoon is heading for Japan whilst you are traveling, it's best to re-arrange your itinerary away from the affected areas. Typhoons, especially with their high winds, often cause major train delays and cancellations. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather during your trip-- try the official Japanese Meteorology Association's English-language website.

In case of major train delays and cancellations, all cars on trains become non-reserved to fix the maximum amount of people, which means you will not need to re-book seat on the train.



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