Yufuin no Mori

  • Published on : 10/09/2018
  • by : Japan Experience

Travel in North Kyushu: From Fukuoka to Yufuin and Beppu

Yufuin no Mori from Fukuoka to Yufuin and Beppu

Yufuin is a a famous hot spings city near Beppu.

The Yufuin no mori train makes two round trips a day to Yufuin (2h10) and one round trip a day to Beppu (3h10). It stops at Futsutachi, Tosu, Kurume, Hita, Amagase, Bungomori, Yufuin, Oita on the way to Beppu.

The train is covered by the Japan Rail Pass, the JR Kyushu All area pass and the North Kyushu Pass. Please note that reservations are required.

Inside the train you will appreciate the wood design that reminds the southern forest, especially in the lounge.

HĂ´tesse d'accueil du Yufuin no Mori


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