Bon Voyage Japan

  • Travel posters and calligraphies
  • 94 pages full color
  • English & French

Explore Japan like never before. French-born Tokyo resident Jean Freund has turned a personal illustration project into a travel book, which features a unique calligraphy inspired by goshuin, a form of seal traditionally collected at temples as a memorial of a traveler or pilgrim’s visit.

Bon Voyage Japan, which contains both English and French text, was successfully crowdfunded in less than a week, eventually reaching over three times its original goal. 

Bon Voyage Japan is a new form of travel journal  of handmade posters and calligraphies for people who love Japan, travel and art. The book will transport you to the world’s busiest crossing in Shibuya, walk through the 10,000 torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, and contemplate Mount Fuji from Hakone’s lake.

Each location features a short text with interesting facts for a deeper understanding. The designs in this book are handmade in a sketchbook while travelling or wandering in the cities. Once inked, they are scanned and colorized on the computer.

Illustrator and publisher under the name of "Le Studio Bon", Jean Freund immersed himself entirely in Japanese culture. Japan, where he made his home 12 years ago, occupies an important place in his work. It is a major source of inspiration, first of all by the written language which is similar to a form of drawing for him.

From the Japanese megalopolis to the vineyards of Alsace, the Chinese countryside and the Mongolian steppes, he fills his Moleskine notebooks with his stories. He likes to take the time to sit down and soak it up in order to leave a trace on the paper.

A book to discover the Land of the rising sun through the art of travel posters and calligraphies. 

  • 94 pages full color
  • B5 size
  • 125 g heavy weight paper, soft cover
  • English & French

Bon Voyage Japan

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