Precaution statement

Sim card



-This product is not subject to the Rules Concerning Initial Termination of Contracts. Once purchased, contact Japan Experience for cancellation, return, or refunds.

-For a supported device, refer to JCI’s b-mobile VISITOR SIM compatible devices webpage (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/eng3g6g/devices.html).

-This is a data communication only product. Voice service, SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are not available.

-Unintentional data communication may occur depending on the software you use.

-This product uses NTT DOCOMO’s network but the service offered is not by NTT DOCOMO. The contents of the service and pricing are unrelated to NTT DOCOMO.

-SP-mode® or i-mode® (services offered by NTT DOCOMO) are not available with this product. A domain of “docomo.ne.jp” email address is not given either.

-This product does not come with an email address.

-The Contract Information is on the back of this Precaution Statement. Please read it carefully.

[Telecommunication Carrier’s Information]

Japan Communications Inc.
Address: 4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001

[Contact Information]

Japan Experience
Telephone : +81 (0)75 752 3518
Email : contact@japan-experience.com

[Descriptions of the Service]

- b-mobile VISITOR SIM 3GB/15Days Prepaid
- b-mobile VISITOR SIM 6GB/30Days Prepaid

1) Description of the Data Communication Service

-Services may be unavailable in areas that are far away from base stations or in an area where there are buildings that provide obstruction.

-Network speed of this product is based on the best-effort and there is no guarantee to provide any specific network speed. The network speed may decrease as the available radio frequency resource is being shared by more subscribers. Actual transmission speeds may vary depending on locations and connection.

-Use of file exchange (P2P) and other applications may be restricted on this product.

-JCI reserves the right to disconnect the sessions when customers have exceeded a certain duration of time.

-This product is offered through a private IP address.

-To maintain service quality for all users, network speed may be restricted for customers with excessive use.

-Traffic information will be collected and analyzed to provide service in accordance with the above conditions of use.

-If your device supports tethering (Personal Hotspot), you should be able to use the tethering service. Please check compatible tested device list at b-mobile VISITOR SIM compatible devices webpage (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/eng3g6g/ devices.html) .

-The restrictions on this product applies to it’s service as well as tethering. There are no other restrictions on tethering.

-We use Outband Port25 Blocking to counter unsolicited emails (spam mails).

-JCI reserves the right to conduct Bandwidth control on playing movies and continuous use of data.

Name of the Product : VISITOR SIM 1GB / 1Day Online Charge
Usable period and Data amount : 1Day / 1GB (1000MB)
Price : ¥463 [tax-excluded]

Any changes to this plan will be notified on JCI’s website (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp). You can only access to Online Charge webpage by using b-mobile VISITOR SIM network (credit card payment only).

-Regarding Chargeable Period -When charging within usable period + have remaining data;Usable period will extend one day and 1GB will be added to the remaining data.

-When charging after usable period or after you used up all the data;You can use 1GB until 23:59 on the day you have made charge (even if you have remaining data, the service will stop at 24:00, when the date changes).

[Price of the Telecommunication Service]

- Product price
VISITOR SIM 3GB/15days Prepaid ; MSRP JPY 2,880 [tax-included]
VISITOR SIM 6GB/30days Prepaid ; MSRP JPY4,320 [tax-included]

Please check your receipt for details on your purchase.
NOTE : Price is different depending on the product you purchase.

[Additional Expenses Other than the Above Price]

Additional fees may apply when using other than b-mobile APN.

[Terms and Conditions Regarding Limited-time Offer]

There is no limited-time offer available on this product (as of February, 2017). Any changes to limited-time offer will be notified on JCI’s website (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp).

[Cancellation of the Contract, Changes Regarding the Contract, Contact Information and How to do so]

This product provides telecommunication services as specified on [Descriptions of the Service]. There shall be no changes or cancellation while the telecommunication service is being provided. The SIM Card is on a loan to a customer to provide the service.

Please return the SIM card after use. (Please note that a customer is responsible for shipping/postal fee)

Japan Communications Inc.
Attn: b-mobile Help Desk (Returning SIM card)
4-1-28 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001


Urgent or suspend / restart the service
Please contact Japan Experience to request urgent or suspend/restart the service.(Telephone: +81 (0)75 752 3518)

Please note that the customer is responsible for any all charges incurred until the service is suspended.(This is applicable even if a product is used after stolen or lost.)

Please note that even when your service is temporary suspended, the service period cannot be extended.



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