¿Cómo ir de Tokio a Nagoya?

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Siguiendo la costa sur de Honshu, la isla principal japonesa

Explora la línea Tokaido y llega hasta Nagoya con tu Japan Rail Pass

0 KM - Tokyo Station

7 KM - 0H06 - Shinagawa Station

Located on the Yamanote Line, this station, which is less crowded than Tokyo station, is a convenient place to board the Shinkansen. If you are connecting with the Narita Express, then it is also a much easier to transfer than the huge hub of Tokyo station. Connections are also available with  the Tokaido, Keihin-Tohoku, Yokosuka, and Sobu main lines.

29 KM - 0H18 - Shin-Yokohama Station

This station is a few stations away from Yokohama 's famous Chinatown with some of the best Chinese food in japan.

84 KM - 0H35 - Odawara Station

The main gateway to Hakone, Odawara has a very impressive, if not completely authentic, castle with an observation platform at the top with good views.

105 KM - 0H39 - Atami Station

Atami is a famous spa town that becomes busy with crowds of visitors from Tokyo. it is the home city of the Oyu geyser and the grave of a scottish terrier " Poor Toby". Connections are accessible to the Izu peninsula.

Travel from Tokyo to Nagoya
Castle in Odawara
Atami Station in Izu Peninsula
Shin-Fuji Station
Tea Plantation in Shizuoka prefecture
Japan's city of music
Aichi prefecture and its rice field
Nagoya, the largest city in Chubu prefecture
Train route and its station from Tokyo to Nagoya

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