Nozomi Shinkansen Train 新幹線 のぞみ号

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The Nozomi Shinkansen: all about the fastest super-express bullet train

The Nozomi is the super-express bullet train service on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, faster than the Kodama and Hikari services, and is the only shinkansen service not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.
All about Japans fastest super-express bullet train.

Japan Railways: Nozomi Shinkansen Train 新幹線 のぞみ号

The Nozomi (Japanese for "Hope" or "Wish") is Japan's fastest bullet train, being the super-express service on the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen that runs between Tokyo and out west to Kyushu.

The most important stops

The super-express Nozomi stops at fewer stations on the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen than the other two kinds of shinkansen: the express Hikari, and the stop-at-every-station Kodama.

There are 35 stations from Tokyo Station (the first station on the Tokaido line) to Hakata Station (the last stop on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line), and those Nozomi trains that run the full length stop at 12 of them.

Nozomi bullet train at Tokyo Station

Nozomi bullet train at Tokyo Station

Japan Experience

Frequency of trains

Going west, a Nozomi train departs Tokyo station about every 10 minutes, often less. Going east, a Nozomi train departs Hakata station about every 15 to 20 minutes. However, not all Nozomi services start from Tokyo or Hakata, and many go only as far as Shin-Osaka, i.e., traversing only the Tokaido or the Sanyo Shinkansen Line.

Fare for the Nozomi Shinkansen

The Nozomi cannot be ridden by holders of the Japan Rail Pass. Example fares: from Tokyo to Kyoto costs 13,080 yen for a non-reserved-seat, 13,910 yen for a reserved seat in an ordinary car, and 18,690 yen for a seat in the Green Car. From Tokyo all the way to Hakata costs 21,810 yen for a non-reserved-seat, 22,950 yen for a reserved seat in an ordinary car, and 30,080 yen for a seat in the Green Car. (There is a 200 yen surcharge/discount at busy/quiet times.)

Personnel de train devant un Shinkansen

Personnel de train devant un Shinkansen

©Victoriano Izquierdo, Unsplash

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