Comment aller de Matsumoto à Nagoya ?

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Accès à la vallée de Kiso

Cette ligne de train entre Matsumoto et Nagoya est couverte par le Japan Rail Pass et traverse la vallée de Kiso, le long de la route de la Nakasendo, l'ancienne route commerciale entre Edo (Tokyo) et Kyoto.

0 KM - Matsumoto

76 KM - 0H08 - Shiojiri

This town is named ‘Salt Bottom’ as it is the end of the salt road from the coast to the south.

97 KM - 0H30 - Narai

None of the Limited Express trains stop here so you will have to change at either Shiojiri or Kisofukushima to take a local train for about 20 minutes. This is a wooden station, run by a local senior-citizens club who man the station and will look a er your luggage for you, as there are no coin lockers. The main street has many very well preserved buildings including some delicious soba noodle restaurants.

118 km - 0H37- Kisofukushima

This former checkpoint is still the political and cultural centre of the valley; though there are various museums, little of the old-world character of the town remains.

Train line from Matsumoto to Nagoya
Itinerary from Matsumoto to Nagoya
Nagoya city

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