Come posso andare da Nagoya a Shingu?

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Accesso al Gran Santuario di Ise

Da Nagoya a Shingu, prendi il Limited Express Wide View Nanki o il treno "rapido" Mie. Quest'ultimo treno è più comodo per raggiungere Ise.

0 KM - Nagoya Station

44 KM - 0H55 - Tsu Station

A section of the track between Nagoya and Tsu is owned bya private company, Ise Railway. You will need to pay a small fee to the train conductor. (¥800)

63 KM - 1H11 - Matsusaka Station

A city where local cows are given beer to drinkand body massages. Stop here to taste the beef that makes Matsusaka’s reputation.

71 KM - 1H18 - Taki Station

If you took the Nanki, change here if you plan to visit the Ise Grand Shrine. The Mie rapid train continues to Ise.

  • Ise-Shima National Park

Located 100 km south of Nagoya, this park is blessed with subtropical vegetation, small islands dotting its shoreline and the most revered Shinto shrine in Japan,the great Ise Shrine. Its bays and inlet are home to the famous Mikimoto pearl and consequently, pearl cultivating rafts. Head for Ago Bay for the most scenic spots in the park.

From Nagoya to Shingu
Nagoya, the third biggest city in Japan known for its history, food and industry
Taste Matsusaka's famous beef
Change at Taki Station for the Mie train to Meoto Iwa and Ise Jingu
Ise-Shima National Park has a gorgeous coastline with a small island and subtropical vegetation
Stop at Kumanoshi Station to reach Onigajo cliff and its "Demon's Lookout Point"
Shingu is the central city of the Kumano Kodo route close to the famous Nachi Falls
A map of the itinerary

Make the most out of your day trip to Ise!

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