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Nagoya city
Nagoya Station is the main station of Nagoya city in Aichi Prefecture, in central Japan. Often referred to as Meieki (an alternate reading of the Na in Nagoya, plus the Japanese word for station), it is a busy but very accessible transportation hub in a city that is not to be overlooked!

To and from the airport

Chubu international airport
Chubu International Airport, located just outside of Nagoya, is only accessible by one (non-JR) railway, the Meitetsu Railways. If you are coming from the shinkansen, however, know that it is the same station! The Meitetsu platform will be underground, and it is a 7-minute walk from the bullet train platforms. 

From Nagoya Station, it is a 30-minute train ride to the airport.

jr and shinkansen

JR Nagoya station
The JR Shinkansen stops in Nagoya on its way between Kyoto and Tokyo. From Kyoto, it is about 30 minutes on the bullet train to Nagoya, and then about two hours from Nagoya to Tokyo.

Nagoya is also a useful point of transfer for accessing other great areas of Japan. The JR Limited Express Hida runs from Nagoya up to Takayama (about 2 hours). In the other direction, other JR lines will take you all across the Kansai region.

other train lines and transportation

Other train lines in Nagoya
Nagoya Station also includes a city subway line. For more information, the Nagoya city subway has a great English website.

The Kintetsu Railway, which stretches across southern Kansai into Aichi Prefecture, is also a private railway, but one that makes Nagoya an easy base if you want to visit locations such as Ise Jingu or Nara.

At more than 400,000 square meters of floor area, including JR Central's headquarters, Nagoya Station is (surprisingly) the world's largest station, but don't let this intimidate you! The transportation that provides access to the city and a vast surrounding area is easy to navigate, and the rest of the expansive area is fun to explore. Explore with your Japan Rail Pass!

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