About us

About us

Our mission: to become the first Tour Operator specializing in Japan and to share our real knowledge of the country.

The Japan Experience Vision 

  • Strip out intermediaries: For better rates, and to put the traveler directly in contact with the person who will welcome them.
  • Combine freedom with security: Our "Travel Angels" based in Tokyo and Kyoto will assist and advise you for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Experience the country, don't just visit it: Go beyond the average tourist trip with an exciting and authentic experience.
  • The "Cultural Aspect": Spend the day with a private guide or participate in our cultural and gastronomic activities.

Key Figures

  • 29 000 travelers in 2019
  • 100% experts in Japan
  • 60 houses in Japan
  • 3 500 online articles
  • 50 peoples (Worldwide)
  • 55 tours and itineraries

Key Dates

  • 2018: New office in Madrid
  • 2017: New office in Los Angeles
  • 2016: New office in Berlin
  • 2015: Launch of the "Visit Japan" section with 1,500 articles to prepare your trip
  • 2014: Creation of the book "The Japanese Railways Travel Guide"
  • 2013: Launch of Self-drive tours and New office in London
  • 2012: Launch of Car Rental
  • 2011: "Voyageurs au Japon" becomes "Japan Experience"
  • 2006: House rentals launched under the "Vivre le Japon" brand
  • 1996: "Voyageurs au Japon" separates from the "Voyageurs du Monde" group
  • 1991: "Carrefour Japon" becomes "Voyageurs au Japon"
  • 1990: 1st French travel agency offering trips to Japan
  • 1981: Creation of "Carrefour Japon"



The Japan Experience team

The Chairman of Japan Experience

Thierry Maincent discovered Japan in 1994 during a professional internship in Tokyo, where he met his Japanese wife.

After he graduated from Paris Dauphine University in 1995, he returned to Japan between 1996 and 1998 to work with a French cooking school.

After moving back to France in 1998, he founded an online wine sales company with two friends, which was listed on the stock market in 2006. In 2010, he joined the specialized tour company Japan Experience to participate in the development of the company alongside the founder Claude Saulière. After sustained international growth, Thierry Maincent became president of the company in 2018. He splits his time between Paris and Tokyo.



The company

In France :

Japan Experience is a SAS company in France, directed by Thierry Maincent.

  • Siret: 32060777300035
  • RCS: 320 607 773
  • N° Atout France: IM075110003
  • N° IATA: 202 22565
  • Financial guarantor: Crédit du Nord
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Policy No. RCP009565 HISCOX

In Japan :

  • The company Japan Experience in Japan, is a "Kabushiki Gaisha" company under Japanese law, directed by Thierry Maincent.