Kansai Railway Pass

Why buy Kyoto-Nara-Osaka Railway pass?

  • Non-consecutive 2 or 3 days unlimited rides in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Koyasan, and more!

  • Valid for all regional trains (excluding JR Lines), and subways

  • No need to wait in line for individual tickets

  • With benefits and discounts at around 260 different shops and attractions!

Where can I use my Kansai Railway Pass?

The "Kansai Railway Pass", can be used on most of the railways of Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Koyasan, and Himeji areas including Kansai airport.

With this pass, users have access to around 80% of the whole railway transportation in the Kyoto, Osaka, Nara region.

This pass CANNOT be used on JR lines, the Shinkansen and any buses. 

Some examples of useful transportation included with this pass:

  • Kyoto station/ Kyoto city center <-> Kintetsu Nara station (closer station to Nara park than JR Nara station)  -  50 minutes.
  • All the subways in Kyoto and Osaka.
  • Kyoto city center <-> Osaka Umeda/Osaka city center -  45 min
  • Osaka <-> Kobe city  -  30 min
  • Osaka <-> Koyasan  -  2h30 min
  • Osaka <-> Kansai Airport  -  50 min 
  • Osaka <-> Himeji - 70 min

To see the available area map, please click here

How do I buy/use my Kansai Railway Pass?

  • Purchase and delivery

We will send the e-voucher to your email address within 5 days after your order.

  • Terms of use

You have to exchange the voucher with a physical ticket at the following places.

【Kansai International Airport】

 1: Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport 9:00-19:00 

2: LIMON Welcome Desk Kansai International Airport (KIX) 9:00-19:00 

3: HANATOUR JAPAN Kansai Airport Information Counter 9:00-18:00

 【Osaka Namba・Shinsaibashi】

 4 : EDION NAMBA MAIN STORE 8th floor 10:00-21:00

 5: Osaka Metro Commuter pass sales counter Namba 9:00-20:00(Weekdays&Sat.), 9:00-18:00(Sun.&Holidays) *Jan. 1st  Close

 6:Sugi Pharmacy Namba Midosuji Store 10:00~23:00

 7:Sugi Pharmacy Shinsaibashi Store 3rd floor 10:00~23:00 

【Osaka Tennoji】

 8: Osaka Metro Commuter pass sales counter Tennoji 9:00-20:00 (Weekdays&Sat.), 9:00-18:00(Sun.&Holidays) *Jan. 1st Close 

【Osaka Umeda】

 9: Osaka Metro Commuter pass sales counter Umeda 7:00-20:00(Weekdays), 9:00-20:00(Sat.), 9:00-18:00(Sun.&Holidays)

 10:Sugi Pharmacy LINKS UMEDA Store 1st basement 9:30~22:00 

【Osaka Shin-Osaka】

 11: Osaka Metro Information Counter Shin-Osaka 9:00-15:30 


 12: Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto 10:00-17:30 *Dec.30th ~ Jan. 3rd  Close

 13: Kyoto General Tourist Information Center KYONAVI 8:30-19:00

The Kansai Railway Pass is undated and after the first use the pass will be valid for 2 or 3 non-consecutive days (depending on the pass that is purchased).  Each time the pass is canceled for the first time, the same day is counted as used (1 day, not 24 hours).

Once the pass is used up, it cannot be reloaded like the Suica card. Therefore, for more than three days, you must purchase two or more passes and use them consecutively. You can buy up to 3 passes for one person.

The pass cannot be used on JR lines. The Kansai Area Pass or the Kansai Wide Area Pass would be more appropriate, even though JR lines do not form the majority of the rail lines in this region.

On Nankai and Kintetsu limited express trains and Keihan premium coaches, a surcharge must be paid on the train. 

For travel between Osaka and Kansai Airport (KIX), please refer to the same "FAQ" section below.

Conditions of purchase / cancellation

  • Eligibility

- A 90-day short-term tourist visa is required.

- Japanese residents and foreigners who have long term stay Japanese visa are not eligible to purchase this pass.

To use the voucher, you must present your passport with a short-term tourist visa.

- We will refund 85% of the purchase price before the voucher expires and tickets are exchanged.

- Voucher expiry date: April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025

- Paper ticket expiry date: May 31, 2025


Kansai Railway Pass

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