The Graceful Super Express Romance Car

  • Published on : 21/01/2018
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Odakyu Line

The Odakyu Electric Railway, a private company in Japan, revealed at the end of 2017 its new limited express train : The Graceful Super Express Romance Car

History of the Romance car

The first romance car was introduced in 1957 with its orange traditional color. 
Now we can find : 

  • the Train 60000 MSE with its blue color (introduced in March 2008)
  • the white Train 5000 VSE (introduced in march 2005)
  • the Train 30000 EXE (with its 10 cars for the commuting business people (introduced in 1996)
  • the train 7000 LSE ( introduced in 1981)

The Romance car type 5000 and 7000 had already observation deck seats in the front or in the back.

Lake Ashinoko, Hakone, Kanagawa

Lake Ashinoko, Hakone, Kanagawa

©Akira Deng, unsplash

About the romance car

It is a direct train between Shinjuku Station and Hakone. With a romance car you will reach the famous place for its mountains, onsen and museums in around 1h40.

All seats must be reserved. You will have to purchase a ticket and a limited express ticket.  The Limited Express tickets are available at the Odakyu Ticket offices or at the machine on the Odakyu Train Platforms.

You can also buy a Hakone Free Pass and pay an additional fare. The Pass is a discount excursion train ticket that allows you also to get on and off freely in Hakone, as well as providing discount admission to various attractions in the area.



©Sravan V, unsplash

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