Izumo-shi Station JR出雲市駅

Izumo Station

Izumo-shi Station in Shimane Prefecture, based off of the famous Izumo Taisha Shrine.


JR Izumo Station JR出雲市駅 in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture is built in the style of the nearby Izumo Taisha shrine. Izumo Taisha is the main attraction in town.

izumo taisha

Izumo Taisha Shrine in Shimane Prefecture, which Izumo Station's design is based off of.


Ichibata Railway Izumo Station

The Ichibata Railway Izumo Station (Dentetsu Izumo-shi Station) is to your right as you exit the main JR Izumo Station. The Ichibata Electric Railway has two lines. The 40 km line between Izumo and Matsue and an 8 km spur from Kawato Station (on the Ichibata Railway Kitamatsue Line) to Izumo Taisha-mae Station, near Izumo Taisha and the Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo.

Station Facilities

The station facilities include a Midori no Madoguchi booking office open from 4.20 am-10.30 pm. There is a branch of JR's Eki rent a car service and a station car park with space for 33 vehicles.

Platform Izumoshi

Platform at Izumoshi Station, Shimane.


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