Accessing New Chitose Airport

  • Published on : 15/03/2018
  • by : Japan Experience

Domestic and International Terminals to and from Sapporo

Let's see how to access to New Chitose Airport.

If you need to exchange your Japan Rail Pass, your JR Hokkaido Pass, your JR East South Hokkaido Pass, you will have to go to the JR Information desk in JR New Chitose Station.

In Sapporo Station, the exchange counters are the Information desk in the "Hokkaido Sapporo Food and Tourism Information Center" and the JR Travel Service Center.

Both terminals have many bus stops. Click here to see the bus stops map

Chitose Bus

Chitose Bus

©Hideyuki KAMON,,CC BY-SA 2.0,

From Sapporo Station, you can reach the airport in 30 minutes with the Rapid Airport Line (1 train every 15 minutes). 

The JR New Chitose Station is at the domestic terminal building on the first basement floor.

Sapporo - New Chitose : 

First departure : 6h02     Last departure : 21h51

New Chitose - Sapporo : 

First departure : 6h56     Last departure : 22h53

Click here to find the JR Hokkaido timetable.



©Hideyuki KAMON,,CC BY-SA 2.0,

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