Wie komme ich von Matsumoto nach Nagoya?

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Ihr Weg ins Kiso-Tal

Diese Zugstrecke zwischen Matsumoto und Nagoya ist im Japan Rail Pass enthalten und verläuft durch das Kiso-Tal, entlang der Route der Handelsroute Nakasendo, der alten Poststraße zwischen Edo (Tokio) und Kyoto.



76 KM - 0H08 - SHIOJIRI

This town is named ‘Salt Bottom’ as it is the end of the salt road from the coast to the south.


97 KM - 0H30 - NARAI

None of the Limited Express trains stop here so you will have to change at either Shiojiri or Kisofukushima to take a local train for about 20 minutes. This is a wooden station, run by a local senior-citizens club who man the station and will look a er your luggage for you, as there are no coin lockers. The main street has many very well preserved buildings including some delicious soba noodle restaurants.


118 km - 0H37- KISOFUKUSHIMA

This former checkpoint is still the political and cultural centre of the valley; though there are various museums, little of the old-world character of the town remains.

Train line from Matsumoto to Nagoya
Itinerary from Matsumoto to Nagoya
Nagoya city

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