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Vast nature, breathtaking landscapes: Aomori region is a hidden gem worth a visit.

Tohoku, the north-eastern region of the main island of Honshu, offers unique natural and cultural treasures. Among these gems is the city of Aomori, capital of the famed prefecture, at the northern tip of the island, connected by the Shinkansen from Tokyo.

What to see and do in Aomori?

Visit the Aomori Museum of Art, which opened in 2006, and its architecture is worth a stop. The white cubic building was designed by architect Jun Aoki to harmonize with its historical surroundings. The Aomori Museum of Art houses various permanent and temporary exhibitions, including works by Shiko Munakata, Marc Chagall, and Paul Klee. The huge massive dog sculpture by Yoshitomo Nara in the museum has become a symbol of Aomori. 

Close to the museum is the Sannai Murayama, a major archaeological site offering a view of the remains of a village from the J√īmon period civilization (13,000 BC to 400 BC). Nearly 800 dwellings have been uncovered on this site, providing great insight into these hunter-gatherers, ancestors of the contemporary Japanese. A must for all history buffs.

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Aomori's culinary specialties

Aomori Prefecture is known for its apple, sake, and fresh seafood production.

In Aomori, apples are the main crop. Sharing its similarity with the famed European region of Normandy, in short, Aomori is the apple-based culinary capital of Japan: hot apple cider, apple mousse, apple pie, and anything made from apple!

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Le port Aomori, la nuit

Le port Aomori, la nuit

Yasunobu Ikeda

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