Kobe 神戸

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Kobe, a port city with night-time charm

Kobe's appeal is not limited to its famous beer-fed and massaged beef. The capital of Hyôgo prefecture, the city stretches between its famous port and vast hills to the north. From European-style houses to far-reaching waterside shopping malls and botanical gardens, Kobe awaits your visit with many pleasant surprises. 

In early December, don't miss the Winter Festival of Lights, organized in commemoration of the great earthquake. More than three million visitors come to the city to see this ten-day festival of bright neon lights.

Finally, Kobe is adjacent to some incredible natural landscapes. From Suma Beach (near the cosmopolitan Suma Rikyu Park and the Aquatic Life Park) to the various waterfalls of Nunobiki, the city's surroundings offer visitors some spectacular views.


Les festival des lumières

Wikimedia Commons

Cascade Nunobiki

Nunobiki Waterfall.


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