Airport Transfer Kyoto - Haruka Express Train

Why choose Airport Transfer Kyoto - Haruka?

  • 80 mins from Kansai international airport (KIX) to JR Kyoto station
  • More affordable price than using a cab.
  • Free Wifi, USB charger, toilet, comfortable seat and large space for your cabin luggage!
  • All trains are decorated with the Hello Kitty logo! (Due to the right of logo, we show the Haruka Train without Hello kitty on this page)

What is Airport Transfer Kyoto - Haruka?

  • Our airport transfer Kyoto - Haruka connects between Kansai international airport (KIX) and JR Kyoto station. This ticket is only one way available from KIX to Kyoto station.
  • The train always stops JR Tennoji station, JR Osaka Station, JR Shin-Osaka Station (Shinkansen station) and JR Kyoto Station. You can get off at any stations between KIX and JR Kyoto station.
  • If you want to go from Kyoto station to KIX, please use our airport transfer Kyoto bus.

Useful information

Time length:

  • About 80 minutes from Kansai International airport(KIX) to JR Kyoto station
  • About 50 minutes from Kansai International airport(KIX) to JR Osaka station

Regularity: 2 trains per hour for JR Osaka & Kyoto station station

  • The first train from Kansai Airport to Osaka City leaves at 6:31 am and the last train leaves at 22:16 pm.

How can I use the Airport Transfer Kyoto - Haruka ticket?

1. We are going to send the e-voucher to your email address within 5 business days after the date of your order.

2. Please go to  "HARUKA e-Ticket Machine" in front of ticket gates in Kansai international airport and pick up physical ticket by scanning QR code of e-ticket and non-Japanese passport. (Operation menus of machine can be displayed in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean.)

3. The screen will show you the latest departure time. Please check the departure time and arrival time. You can  choose either reserved seat or non-reserved seat  ※If all the reserved seats are taken, you can use the unreserved seats or a later train.

Who is eligible for this ticket?

You might to get asked to show your non-Japanese passport and temporary stay visa inside of train.Japanese passport holders and foreigners who have long term stay visas cannot use this ticket.

Cancellation condition

  • Before redeeming the physical ticket, you can ask refund from our website by paying a handling fee (15% of the purchasing fee)
  • After redeeming the physical ticket, it can be refunded or modified at the green window inside the station by paying a handling fee.



Airport Transfer Kyoto - Haruka Express Train

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