Welcome Suica

  • Can be used as an electronic wallet
  • Valid in Tokyo and other major cities


  • The card's initial use or charge MUST be done in the Tokyo area (JR, Tokyo Metro, Odakyu ticket vending machines, etc.).
  • It is not possible to use or charge the card for the first time at a station outside Tokyo (it is possible from the second time).
  • The first charge of the Welcome Suica Card cannot be done at the pink JR recharge machines. Please use the green or black JR machines instead.
  • If you arrive at Tokyo Haneda airport (HND), you can use the Haneda Monorail line and transfer to the JR Yamanote line at Hamamatsucho station without charging the card first, as the card includes free travel on the Monorail and JR lines in central Tokyo on the first day of use. To take the Keikyu line from Haneda, you must charge the card before taking a train from Keikyu Haneda station.

What is a Welcome Suica?

The "Welcome Suica" is a type of Suica card offered to travelers and visitors to Japan. The Welcome Suica card is a rechargeable smart card used for transportation and other purchases in Japan, particularly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It can be used on trains, buses, subways, and even for purchases at convenience stores and vending machines.


There's no need to purchase paper tickets with cash for every single train ride! The Welcome Suica card can be used on the majority of Japanese public transport: subways, buses, most local trains, as well as in taxis displaying the IC card logo. 

-Electronic wallet

The card also functions as an electronic wallet. You can make small purchases on trains, at vending machines, shops, and at restaurants displaying one of the Welcome Suica symbols. It can also be used to pay for taxis and station storage lockers.

First day of charge & use

  • If you arrive at Tokyo Haneda airport and plan to use the Keikyu line, you will need to go to a Keikyu machine for the first charge of your Welcome Suica, and then take the Keikyu Line 
  • If you arrive at Tokyo Haneda airport and plan to use the Tokyo Monorail to get to the city center, you can use the Welcome Suica card straight away, with no charge needed first. You can also transfer to the JR Yamanote line, and continue to travel free of charge on the first day of use of the card. However you will need to charge the card before traveling on the Tokyo Metro, or any other non-JR lines.
  • Note that the Welcome Suica cannot be charged at Tokyo Monorail Station ticket machines for the first use. 
  • When making your first charge at a JR station, be sure to do so at the green or black ticket vending machines. The pink recharge machines CANNOT be used for the first charge.
  •  You cannot use or charge this card for the first time outside of the Tokyo area (JR East Area), for example in Osaka, Kyoto, or at Kansai International Airport. 
  • After the first charge in Tokyo, it can then be used anywhere in Japan. For example, you can charge and use the card at Tokyo Station, and then recharge and use the card in Kyoto or Osaka.

Practical information on the Welcome Suica card

  • The Welcome Suica is valid for 28 days from the first day of use, or the date the card is first charged. After that, it expires and can no longer be used.   
  • The card has an expiration date. Please check the "Good Thru" box on the back of the card for the expiration date. The card will become invalid if not used for the first time before the expiration date. Current available cards have an expiration date of the end of January 2025.
  • The Welcome Suica is non-refundable. Any remaining balance on the card should be used up by the 28-day expiration date, or it will be lost. The card can be charged with up to 20,000 yen, but please remember your balance should be spent by the end of your trip, as you cannot get it back.
  • One card is required per person.
  • The Welcome Suica card does not come preloaded with any money. In order to charge the card, please go to a JR station in the JR East area (eg: Tokyo, Shibuya or Shinjuku station, Narita Airport...), Tokyo Metro stations, Tokyo Keisei Railway station etc.., and add some credit to your card at one of the ticket machines. For more details about charging the card for the first charge time, please check our FAQ.
  • Along with your Welcome Suica, you may need a reference paper, which can be requested by any JR staff at any given time or when using the Welcome Suica card for discounts. This reference paper can only be issued and printed in stations. Please print it when you first charge your Welcome Suica card. 


  • We will send the physical card to your home address after your order is confirmed (This product is not digital, so there is no need to exchange a voucher).
  • Please place your order allowing sufficient time for delivery.


  • This product is non-refundable through Japan Experience. 

  • In case of malfunction, a refund can be requested through JR in Japan, according to their conditions.


Welcome Suica

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