Fujikawaguchiko 河口湖

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The most beautiful view of Mount Fuji!

Located in the heart of the Five Lakes Region and at the foot of Mount Fuji, Kawaguchi offers the most beautiful view, and has the significant advantage of being a less expensive destination than its neighbor Hakone.

  • Access by train

    From Tokyo, take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station (1h-1h30), then the Fujikyu train to Kawaguchiko Station (55 min)

  • Access by bus

    From Shinjuku bus station (1h45 by Keio bus or Fujikyu bus).

  • Places to visit

    Mount Kachi Kachi

    Komitake shrine

    Kubota Itchiku Museum of Art

    Kawaguchiko Music Forest

Vue sur le lac Kawaguchiko et sur le Fuji-san

Vue sur le lac Kawaguchiko et sur le Fuji-san

Photo by Catriona Palo on Unsplash

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The city of Kawaguchi: cross the centuries through artistic discoveries

The city has many museums including the Kubota Itchiku Museum of Art named after its creator. This renowned dyer artist has dedicated his entire life to recreating the kimono dyeing technique called Tsujigahana , used in the Muromachi period (14th to 16th century).

The museum presents the ultimate work of the artist-craftsman: The Symphony of Light , a set of 46 kimonos illustrating a landscape changing with the seasons. Only winter and autumn could be completed before the artist's death. He left it to his apprentices to complete the picture by adding representations of summer, spring and the universe, which brought the collection to 80 pieces.

Another curiosity, the Kawaguchiko Music Forest theme park. Taking on European airs, this museum offers the opportunity to discover automatic musical instruments from Europe. The centerpiece? A French organ dating from 1905, 5 meters high and 13 meters wide, playing every half hour!

Kawaguchiko Map
Guide Kawaguchiko
Guide Kawaguchiko
Guide Kawaguchiko
Guide Kawaguchiko
Guide Kawaguchiko

Mt. Fuji-Shizuoka Tourist Pass

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