Direct access to Mont Fuji from Shinjuku 

  • Published on : 25/04/2022
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Travel to Fuji area with a Japan Rail Pass

Starting from March 16, a new train reach Kawaguchiko Station directly from Shinjuku Station : the Limited Express FUJI EXCURSION.


Travel time : 1h52

Departure from Shinjuku - Arrival at Kawaguchiko : 8:30 - 10:22
Departure from Shinjuku - Arrival at Kawaguchiko : 9:30 - 11:22

Departure from Kawaguchiko - Arrival at Shinjuku : 15 : 05 - 16:58
Departure from Kawaguchiko - Arrival at Shinjuku : 17 : 38 - 19:27

Ticket prices will be : 4060 yens.

Please note only the first cars ( 1-3) are going to Kawaguchiko. The other cars are going to Kofu. the train split in Otsuki. 

Fuji Excursion

Fuji Excursion

©By MaedaAkihiko - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Travel with a Japan Rail Pass

This train is covered by the Japan Rail Pass with a complement (1140 yen). A reservation is not mandatory but, in this case, you are not guaranteed to have a seat. If you can, when you pick up your Japan Rail Pass or later during your stay, go to the station to reserve your seat.

Learn more about the train with additional payment.

Explore Kawaguchiko

Once in Kawaguchiko, you can ride a bicycle, explore the mountain with the ropeway, reach the Oishi park for a wonderful view. 



©sunil-naik, unsplash

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