Hakata Station

The central transportation hub in North Kyushu

your travel center in fukuoka

Hakata Station is the main station of Fukuoka city on the island of Kyushu. Renovated in 2011, this central hub has shopping, rail lines, subway lines, and a direct 10-minute connection to the airport. The Hakata district and its station are the perfect base for travel with either the North Kyushu Pass or the Kyushu Pass, or if you're taking your JR Pass down to Kyushu.

sanyo shinkansen terminus

Hakata station in Fukuoka
Hakata connects with several shinkansen lines. The Sanyo, or western Japan, bullet train terminates at Hakata Station; from Hakata, this bullet train will take you to Hiroshima and Osaka, and provide fast and easy connections to many other places across Japan.

kyushu shinkansen

Kyushu JR line map
The new Kyushu Shinkansen begins at Hakata Station. This line, which opened in 2011, services Kumamoto and Kagoshima. It also makes travel to other great areas in Kyushu, such as Nagasaki and Beppu, faster and easier. The Kyushu line is expanding, with service to other areas opening in 2023.

other train lines and transportation

Other train lines in Kyushu
If you are exploring the city of Fukuoka, this is a great place to start. The Kuko subway line stops at Hakata Station, which will take you all over the downtown area, as well as the Fukuoka Airport.

For access to the rest of Kyushu, many Limited Express JR trains stop here, such as the Kamome, with service to Nagasaki, the Ariake to Kumamoto, and Yufuin no Mori, which goes to the Yufuin hot springs in Oita. Even the luxury Seven Stars in Kyushu train starts in Hakata!
With great restaurants, night life, shopping, and transportation, Hakata Station is a large but convenient and accessible station, perfect for your trip to Japan.

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